55 following examples such as the adoption of rules

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55 Following examples such as the adoption of rules modelled on the GDPR by Brazil and Kenya.
25 Key action Create a framework to measure data flows and estimate their economic value within Europe, as well as between Europe and the rest of the world, Q4 2021. 7. Conclusion This Communication puts forward a European data strategy whose ambition is to enable the EU to become the most attractive, most secure and most dynamic data-agile economy in the world empowering Europe with data to improve decisions and better the lives of all of its citizens. It enumerates a number of policy measures and investments needed to achieve this goal. The stakes are high, since the EU’s technological future depends on whether it manages to harness its strengths and seize the opportunities offered by the ever-increasing production and use of data. A European way for handling data will ensure that more data becomes available for addressing societal challenges and for use in the economy, while respecting and promoting our European shared values. In order to secure its digital future, the EU has to seize its window of opportunity in the data economy.