L t i t f r i i t whot is the complete conclusion

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L t .i, t ,' f. r ..i. i, t. Whot is the COMPLETE conclusion thot John would come to ond WHy? 6. The Scientists involved in the discovery of cells ond their components ore listed below. Whot did each one do? To*" Dote l'r j ; t! Period r i': of lif e? s to The Cell Th Robert Brown (ls3t1 drsdov€rp*l lr-ir nu("k:!.5 {{.ta,t -t:.!! Robert Hooke L rt {- .i rli: i ( ,4r.i- g,i".rr i. (onlg) Ca^t6}*f.j Ca \la, Anton VanLeeuwenhoek 1r<61,\ . , {t(1xJ r,,r J.rg{ ,.!(r(irrr(. - -' 'ncttf.c.i ,,lr'l r ! r4 {h,^4s .'< ,"t., n a.,,riert .irt Lynn Morgulis Motthios Schleiden / -.. \ ,ltd?n{ crf r. iLi.i t .t' . {'l6EJ .,,L.'rLt ,s irhpor{at,4 "/l if rr rl p,,J,, Theodor Schwonn / r ( aef\ , {i,u"ei '.'r: r d11'r' (t1 L'11' (t. \\o/''l ,1r,. .:i: , .t,ttt rt r{r, i45el, r I !1r-i.--:i:,lf ,-j f l.1r + ,r r{ Rudolph Virchow (ftS,t} 't(ttt /'t( Ptrclr rr'+ 1,1 :ht cir''i t.l 1'1 iftri. .,{i
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Comoare and controst a prokoryotic cell ond a eukoryotic cell , G.U *;a{l . d<ve.logeA 2bil. ya b*Sovs- Eukayyot{ C Eukoryote " flLrc.l errl , cr'3anetlcA , loy ldr-qe.r- '-'#re ' Yt bo.ftttvtx t . 4Vtqsc'{ 8. Compore ond controst o plont cell ond on animol cell 9. Whqt qre the functions of these orgonelles? Which lype of cell are they locoted in? Orgonellc Function Plont cell Animol cell Prokorlyotic Cell DNA Genelic codes for mokinq Drotein yes yes yes Nucleus tavrttol (en+eY.* +1.,L lLll \r€S vf5 NO Chloroolosts 'd{kr-(4 Phbt,firL+kdr< o.r(.r ( Ves no {(5 Vscuole sfcr4ge ar€A {cx 4}r,l{rns, {icts . fr\rLa yc, VCS Cyfoplqsm Ribosomes fiAta p{eittns 1i-an rdm;n6 A(tcl' ve-< nt5 yc-t Mitochondrio pDw2r hopsc . late in nvtrrcntJ YeS y.( 6olqi bodies ft) PCCkaq& And *tava ffL,l*tr! autof cetr Yes ycs Lysosomes ft) diqeck watft aaa wayn aul- ccll gart /?o v{s Endoplosmic rEticulum ft) €olde J fnernbra,*c tvtc\l- r'1ov€5 f}\c\'fav tcrl5 areund '1-111 6e t l. )ts
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L t i t f r i i t Whot is the COMPLETE conclusion thot John...

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