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Warn to invest our time wisely reminding us that god

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Unformatted text preview: warn to invest our time wisely, reminding us that God has complete control the length of our lifetime on earth. We, as sinners, need to be cautious of our time on this planet. We need to understand the importance of what a true good steward. A steward time is precious and should be effective and conducive to any man walk with God. Time is an efficient asset to humanity. It has been stated time and time again that our time is temporary and is short and brief. God deserves our time. We must be aware of the many opportunities so that we can make the better out of them. The second concept is our talents. The talents are so important to the ministry on earth. Our abilities should only go to glorifying or furthering his will for us. This is true not only of musical, artistic, athletic, academic, business, and persuasive talents, but also of the spiritual gifts we have received. Faithful stewards display their natural talents and spiritual gifts that requires us to use them to glorify God and edify others. Our mission is not to please ourselves, but to serve others. A quote says "Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to his edification. The third and final concept is our treasures. There are over 2,300 biblical verses that deal with money and possessions. This means that money and possessions are greatly important matters and are money and possessions....
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warn to invest our time wisely reminding us that God has...

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