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10.8 Q: Is there a mindmap version of the original sections? A: Following popular demand, we have _a_ version of the mindmap used when creating the first drafts of the standard available for downloadhere(in FreeMind format). 220Chapter 10. FAQ
CHAPTER 11 Media Here is some of the media releases since the birth of PTES. Zdnet InfoSecInstitute Chris John Riley Blog Iftach Ian Amit (iiamit) Blog Dave Kennedy (ReL1K) Blog Security Justice Podcast Blip.tv Zonbi.org InfoSecIsland Zonbi.org Aluc.TV Podcast ISDPodcast 1 ISDPodcast 2 Securabit Podcast Source Boston session on PTESand thevideo interview 221
The Penetration Testing Execution Standard Documentation, Release 1.1 222Chapter 11. Media
CHAPTER 12 Indices and tables • genindex • modindex • search 223
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