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Sally driscoll and simone flynn discuss many

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Sally Driscoll and Simone Flynn, discuss many interesting facts about the Amazon deforestation. The facts that they provide really help you form an understanding of what has occurred and the drastic measures that have been taken to help both the people and to help the environment. The authors give great information and a lot of relevant facts, but they give equal grounds for both sides of the topic. This makes it difficult to tell what their opinion of the topic is, and how they feel about it. But they do support each side very strongly. I have found that the result of deforestation has led to many new jobs such as loggers, farmers, ranchers, and minors. Many power plants, highways and settlements have improved the living conditions for many people who live around the Amazon area. I have also found that most of the world’s water comes from the Amazon rainforest and so do many interesting plants and animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The author successfully states the positive and negative sides of deforestation, giving me a chance on my own to decide whether or not deforestation is positive or not.
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AN OVERVIEW References Driscoll, S., & Flynn, S. I. (n.d.). Points of view: Amazon deforestion. Retrieved from 69049&site=pov-live
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Sally Driscoll and Simone Flynn discuss many interesting...

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