Present the benefits and causes for concern

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Present the benefits and causes for concern associated with heroin use, and use these features to formulate an opinion about the efficacy of legalizing heroin for medical use. 2. (a) Describe several of the psychoactive plants presented in Chapter 14 of your textbook, identifying the active chemicals contained within them, the class of hallucinogens to which they belong, and their purported psychological effects. (b) Should research efforts be encouraged to determine the possible use of these hallucinogens in efforts to improve the human condition? Explain your viewpoint, addressing either your objections or advocacy, supported by tenable assumptions and sound reasoning. (c) Develop at least three strong reasons to avoid experimentation with LSD, based on the experiences of others who have reported adverse reactions and other problems. (d) How would you describe the particular challenges facing law enforcement personnel when confronted by a possibly dangerous
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S-17 perpetrator suspected of being under the influence of a powerful psychoactive drug, such as PCP/"angel dust"? Should a drug-induced, alleged perpetrator be held accountable—legally? Explain your viewpoint. 3. (a) Summarize the major causes for concern associated with the effects of THC and/or marijuana use, and (b) provide a concluding personal observation about marijuana use, drawing from your understanding of reported adverse reactions. (c) Critics of the 1996 ballot initiatives on medical marijuana, which were described in your textbook readings, maintain that these privately- funded, carefully orchestrated measures are based essentially on biased studies and scientifically unproven claims. Furthermore, they are interpreted by some as a first step toward the legalization of more dangerous drugs. Describe these medical uses as well as the criticisms against them. (d) Should a controversial drug issue such as this one be decided upon at the ballot box or more appropriately by legislative representatives following extensive debate? Explain your viewpoint. Assignment 10 Answer Question 1 and Question 5 and choose one (1) of the three remaining questions pertaining to Chapters 16, 17, and 18. Be sure to answer all parts of the required questions as well as the question you choose. Remember to identify each individual segment of each response by its number and letter: for example, 1a, 1b, etc. 1. (a) Differentiate between androgenic and anabolic effects of the male sex hormone testosterone. (b) Describe the potential adverse effects and possible health risks associated with anabolic steroid use by males and females, including psychological manifestations of use that have been observed in many athletes who have used these substances indiscriminately. (c) Present a reasoned, personal commentary on the ethical issues underlying the use of anabolic steroids, with special reference to implications of use at all levels of sports competition.
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