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Author joe writer receives 2 per book sold this

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165.Author Joe Writer receives $2 per book sold. This payment is a(n): A. piece rate. B. royalty. C. bonus. D. example of profit-sharing. 166.For the firm, the major goal of profit sharing plans is to: 167.Stock options as a form of payment are designed to: 168.One of the potential negative side-effects of pay in the form of sales commissions is: A . a greater incentive for sales people to engage in unethical or fraudulent sales practices that may eventually cause legal problems for the firm. B. increased volatility of sales revenue for the firm. C . the potential that pay levels may get so high that they will increase a firm's marginal wage cost more than its marginal revenue product. D. an increased likelihood of shirking by workers. 169.(Consider This) The main idea highlighted in the story about artist Pablo Picasso is: 170.(Consider This) The story about artist Pablo Picasso illustrates the point that: A. the demand for labor is a derived demand. B. geographical immobility impedes an efficient allocation of labor resources. C. principal-agent problems can occur in unusual settings. D. present skills reflect past accumulations of human capital. 171.(Last Word) Chief executive officers (CEOs) of large American corporations:
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172.(Last Word) In 2005, chief executive officers (CEOs) pay at U.S. firms with around $500 million in annual sales averaged: 173.(Last Word) The dispute over the pay of chief executive officers (CEOs) of U.S. corporations hinges on whether or not such pay: A. should be granted for past performance or for current performance. B. is determined in a competitive labor market or in a monopsonistic labor market. C. is justified on productivity grounds or mainly reflects an overestimation of CEO importance by corporate boards of directors. D. should contain performance incentives such as stock options, stock shares, or bonuses.
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