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Cyberspace and Society Lecture Notes 7

Name assigned to a specific design of characters o

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Name assigned to a specific design of characters o Font size specifies the size of the characters in a particular font in points (72 point = 1 inch) o Font style adds emphasis to a font such as bold, italic, and underline Spreadsheet software o Used to organize, calculate, analyze, and update numerical data. o Used in businesses for the following purposes: Develop budgets Analyze financial performance Track loans or mortgages Track stock and bond performance Schedule projects Manage business assets Calculate and produce a payroll o How is spreadsheet software organized?
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Columns identified by letters Rows identified by numbers A cell is the intersection of a column and row Functions o A predefined formula that performs common calculations =B8+B9+B10 =SUM(G8:G12) Charting o Allows you to display spreadsheet data in graphical form Presentation software o Used to create slide shows or multimedia presentation Can be used by: Prepare verbal and visual copy for meetings Present ideas interactively with clients who are located in other cities or countries via the Internet Create slide shows using pictures or web pages Database software o Used to collect related data, which can be stored, searched through, and printed as needed.
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