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LS308 Law and Society Unit 2 assignment

Dominant a feature of the residents existence that it

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dominant a feature of the residents’ existence that it “affects their behavior, their way of thinking, their expectations, their way of life” (p. 16). It becomes difficult for them to even imagine life
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LS308 Law and Society Unit 2 assignment before the bridge was built. The bridge was built because of social forces and social change—in this case citizen pressure on government—and, once built, “it began to exert an influence on behavior and attitudes” (p. 16). Similarly, law may change because of changes and pressures in the larger society, and, once it does change, it then begins to influence behavior and attitudes." People in general, want to fit in with their family and friends, by obeying the law, one can avoid many issues that could complicate their lives and the lives of their loved ones. ”Violations are sometimes justified because they make life manageable. Widespread violations, however, lower the quality of life for everyone and unfairly advantage the wrongdoers" (Cooter, 2006). Speeding may seem to be a harmless offense at first glance. However, if one gets too many speeding tickets or is a habitual offender, they will have to answer for their law-breaking ways on several levels. They will have to pay fines, court costs, legal fees. They will have to miss work or time with their family to appear in a court of law. They will probably get an increase in their automobile insurance and may even lose their driving privileges' for a period of time. All of these things effect one's life as well as the lives around them. "By using specialized techniques, economists can often find an equivalent in money to the sacrifice of time, effort, resources, or opportunities that a person makes to obey a law" (Cooter, 2006). If I suddenly lost my driving privileges, even for only one month, it would cause total chaos for my family and myself. On a daily basis, I need to be able to drive to work, the grocery store, to pick up my grand-children from daycare, etc. This burden would not just be mine alone to bare. Now my wife would have to do the extra duties of going to the grocery store or my son may need to miss work to pick-up the kids and things might be a little tight around here because we live paycheck to paycheck and do not have extra funds to pay for speeding fines, court costs, legal
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dominant a feature of the residents existence that it...

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