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The increase in the awareness among the people

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their product. The increase in the awareness among the people increases their sense of condoms, and “therefore” reduces the chances of HIV/AIDS in the society. Low cost product: The high price of condoms is another hurdle in the condom industry because the majority of the target market lies in the third world countries require that product. Their per capital income is not so enough they certainly spent on these additional things. There is a need of the product that falls in the range of these people so that they can use this product for their safety. This obstacle if resolved through the provision of the low priced condom pack can save many lives from this horrible disease. Increased the quality: The low quality of the latex technology and the colors and thickness of the ordinary product are another problem for the low demand. The new quality of polyurethane product is introduced in the market but costly. These organizations use this technology in their products and also contribute towards innovation in the market. Change the advertisement approach: Organizations typically adopt that advertisement channel that provides them enough advantage, but in this technology there is a need of the advertisement that not only increases the product sale also helpful for the whole society. New organizations must capture the teenagers segment of the
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market because teenagers are more inclined towards the sexual relationship, and there is a need to capture this market segment. Organizations must use the college level advertisement in this manner effectively capture this market segment. Change of the distribution channel: It is observed that most of people feel embarrassment, when they ask for a condom from the shop seller. This problem provides an opportunity to the new organization to change the ordinary level
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The increase in the awareness among the people increases...

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