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Me and MY Team official essay

However i mentioned that i always take everyones

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However, I mentioned that I always take everyone’s opinions into consideration. I felt that almost all points given by every other team member were valid reasons for making certain items precede others. Conversely, if I did not think that certain opinions were logical, I was willing to argue. If there had been dissonance within the group, we would always settle it in a mature and controlled manner. What I was amazed to learn was that despite disagreements we would have, the group was able to remain in a calm composure and never get out of control. I believe my “orchestra” and I conducted a harmonious melody in terms of being in sync with one another. If anyone had an opinion they wanted to share, they would back it up with reasoning. However, when anyone opposed to anything, the team member would support his or her own opinion more rationally. Finally, in terms of coming up with a consensus of prioritizing items, if there was discord, both sides would share their perspective until there is a mutual agreement. Everyone’s opinions were always evaluated before concluding anything. From the start, my group was very organized. We actually set up a timer to watch the clock, since we knew we had a limited amount of time. My group had different options of how to prioritize the items, but the strategy we went through with was that whatever we saw seemed the most important, we would speak up and give our reasoning. The task of prioritizing the fifteen items was not easy; we used up the entire half hour. However, whenever there had been
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However I mentioned that I always take everyones opinions...

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