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As not as random as it was seemed attacked specific

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white, men, women, and children. As not as random as it was seemed, attacked specific slave owners. Wake up call for slave holders and abolitionists. Abolitionists he was a martyr, this is what will happen. Slave owners, this is why we need to clamp down, too much slack this is what happens. D. Fugitive Slave Act (1850): Gives federal jurisdiction to hunt down slaves. E. The Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854): Repels Missouri Compromise, says State gets to decide if free or slave, actually produced violence. Bloody Kansas: people fighting it out whether the state could be free or slave. F. Dred Scott v. Sandford: Was his slave who travelled with his master into the North and while there his master died. He should be free . Reaches the Supreme Court. Splits on regional lines. Decision falls against Dred Scott. Majority rule: free or slave blacks aren’t citizens, consequently they don’t have a civil right to take their case to court. Slaves were property and federal government did not have a right to take people’s property, government has no right to abolish slavery, that is up to states. Contradiction to Fugitive Slave Act. G. John Brown: Harper’s Ferry:
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Abolitionist, extreme: armed revolution was necessary, any means that served the end was justified. 1859 attack of Federal arsenal, captured, tried and executed and martyr to the cause. People rooted for him even if against violence. William Lloyd Garrison: extreme: people deserve their freedom, completely and immediately. Damage done to the blacks themselves. Abolitionist: phase out slavery, sought to show how it damaged whites.
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