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Upon the addition of 24 dinitrophenol dnp to a

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5. Upon the addition of 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP) to a suspension of mitochondria carrying out oxidative phosphorylation linked to the oxidation of malate, all of the following occur except: A) oxygen consumption decreases. B) oxygen consumption increases. C) the P/O ratio drops from a value of approximately 2.5 to 0. D) the proton gradient dissipates. 2 E) the rate of transport of electrons from NADH to O becomes maximal. 6. Which of the following is correct concerning the mitochondrial ATP synthase? 7. The oxidation of a particular hydroxy substrate to a keto product by mitochondria has a P/O ratio of less than 2. The initial oxidation step is very likely directly coupled to the: 8. Electron transport Complex-1 has an internal: +
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9. The light reactions in photosynthetic higher plants: A) do not require chlorophyll. B) produce ATP and consume NADH. C) require the action of a single 2 2 reaction center. D) result in the splitting of H O, yielding O . E) serve to produce light so that plants can see. 10. The relative concentrations of ATP and ADP control the cellular rates of:
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