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Course Project 2 Guidelines (1)

What else is not a scholarly article information from

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What else is NOT a scholarly article? Information from Wikipedia or any wiki Articles in healthcare and nursing-oriented trade magazines, such as Nursing Made Incredibly Easy and RN Magazine. What is an Annotated Bibliography? An annotated bibliography or annotated bib is a brief summary of the main points or ideas found in an article. It includes the strengths and weaknesses of the article; an evaluation of the quality of the article; an explanation of why the article is relevant to your chosen topic; and your personal conclusion. These comments are called annotations, and are approximately 200-300 words in length. How do I format my annotated bibliography? There are two elements to an annotated bibliography: The Citation in APA format and The Annotation. APA formatting Please use the grading criteria and the APA quick reference you created in Course project 1 to help you with proper APA formatting. Please see sample Annotated Bibliography below. Thank you! Course Project 2 Guidelines.docx Revised 8/12/2012
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Running Head: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 Annotated Bibliography: Success on NCLEX-RN Student Name Course
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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 2 Success on NCLEX-RN Graduating from nursing school is the first step in becoming a registered nurse (RN). Success on the national licensure examination, the NCLEX-RN is the critical outcome (Sayles, Shelton & Powell, 2011). Further research related to developing a greater understanding of the critical elements for NCLEX-RN success is important to curriculum development and faculty engagement. The following references are meant to expand the reader’s knowledge of contributing factors of NCLEX-RN success in identifying opportunities to improve processes and curriculum in colleges of nursing.
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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 3 Annotated Bibliography Baker, M. Predicting NCLEX success through prerequisite and admission requirements (Doctoral Dissertation, University of Phoenix, 2008). Retrieved from the Dissertations & Theses @ University of Phoenix database. This study used a mixed method approach with qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to evaluate prerequisite and admission requirements and NCLEX- RN first time pass rates in associate of applied science degrees in public Arizona community college districts. Based upon the results of the retrospective analysis of student records the authors intended to determine a relationship among prerequisite science course grades, high school GPA, admission testing scores and success on NCLEX-RN exams. Although no significant correlation related to preadmission criteria was determined from this study, recommendations for further research supported an evaluation of curriculum content and the assessment of the faculty and engagement in student learning. Bosher, S., & Bowles, M. (2008). The effects of Linguistic modification on ESL students’ comprehension of nursing course test items. Journal of Nursing Education Perspectives . 29 (3).165-172. This quantitative study examines the effects of linguistic modifications on NCLEX (nursing comprehensive assessment exam) first time pass rates. The authors describe the process by which items from a pathophysiology exam were linguistically modified and evaluated for comprehensibility by ESL students. Key content area vocabulary and terms were maintained in the modifications, but the semantic and syntactic complexity of the English language was reduced. Word frequency, word
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What else is NOT a scholarly article Information from...

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