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Relevant on principle 3 principle 1 asukas picture

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7. Relevant on Principle 3 Exercise 12-16 Principle 1: Asuka’s picture does not teach us anything, for no chimp can distinguish between truth and falsity; it is a curiosity rather than a work of art. Principle 2: By looking at Asuka’s very symbolic paintings, we are compelled to accept her vision of a world in which discourse is by sight rather than by sound. Principle 3: Perhaps the most far-reaching impact of Asuka’s art is its revelation of the horrors of encaging chimps; surely beings who can reach these heights of sublimely abstract expression should not see the world through iron bars. Principle 4: Dear Zookeeper: Please encourage Asuka to keep painting, as the vibrant colors and intense brushstrokes of her canvases fill all of us with delight. Principle 5: I never thought I would wish to feel like an ape, but Asuka’s art made me appreciate how chimps enjoy perceiving us humans as chumps. Principle 6: This is not art, for no ape’s product can convey the highest, most valuable, human states of mind. Principle 7: Whether by the hand of ape or man, that the canvases attributed to June show lovely shapes and colors is indisputable. IM – 12 | 8
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Principle 8: What is art is simply what pleases a person’s taste, and Asuka obviously finds painting tasty, as she tends to eat the paint. Exercise 12-17 1. a 2. e 3. a 4. b 5. a 6. c 7. b 8. d 9. c Exercise 12-18 This exercise asks the student to write an essay. IM – 12 | 9
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Relevant on Principle 3 Principle 1 Asukas picture does not

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