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Outline - Team E - Week 1

1 campaigning 2 scandals 3 politics for a younger

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1. Campaigning. 2. Scandals. 3. Politics for a younger generation. B. Legal Influences. 1. Law suits. 2. Invasion of privacy. 3. Freedom of speech. IV. Economic questions and considerations. (Gloria) A. How social networks can affect economic outcomes. 1. Hiring. 2. Innovation. 3. Pricing. 4. Productivity. B. Underground economy of social networks. 1. Paid services using social networks. 2. How advertising revenue is affected. V. Psychological considerations and sociological effects. (Rubi) A. Cyber bullying. 1. Definition of cyber bullying.
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2. Stories of children who suffered cyber bullying. 3. Statistics of how many children are cyber bullied. B. Distraction from quality relationships. 1. Leaving family unattended. 2. Divorce rates due to social networking. 3. Infidelity and social networking. C. The use of social networking for sexual pleasure. 1. Pedophiles. 2. Promote prostitution. D. Positive side to social networking. 1. Keep in touch with people across the world. 2. Find old friends. VI. The technology in its cultural context, media influence.
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1 Campaigning 2 Scandals 3 Politics for a younger...

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