The oxidation number of fe is 2 see part a the group

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The oxidation number of Fe is +2 (see part a) The group number of Fe is 8 d-electron count = 8 – 2 = 6 The d-electron count is d 6 (c ) What is the coordination geometry? The coordination number (CN) is 6, so the geometry is octahedral. G. Zinc can act as a Lewis acid, and coordinate amino acids like cysteine by their sulfhydryl (SH) groups. Normally, the sulfhydryl group of cysteine has a pK a of ~8. However, the interaction with zinc can lower the pK a of the sulfhydryl group by as much as 4 pH units. Using your knowledge of acid/base chemistry, estimate the approximate ratio of protonated to deprotonated cysteine at neutral pH for (a) free cysteine (pK a of ~ 8) and 4
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