Syllabus Leadership FAU spring 2013 campus day(1)

Students are encouraged to supplement assignments

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Students are encouraged to supplement assignments with web searches and readings in current periodicals relevant to Leadership (including publications such as The Leadership Quarterly, Leadership and Organization Development Journal, WallStreet Journal, BusinessWeek). Such readings will be very helpful for participation in class discussions in order to earn maximum points. Be sure to use your own words to summarize information and reference and cite any external material consulted. Material posted in Blackboard after given deadlines will not be graded. 2
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ASSIGNMENTS Assignment Instructions are provided in a separate area. All Exams, Quizzes, Discussions and Individual Reports must be completed on an individual basis. I do not accept emailed assignments. All reports are due via SafeAssign (this program checks your work for originality). There will also be one course project including a team presentation on an organization’s top leader or management team. All assignments are listed/available in the “Assignments” area in Blackboard. You are expected to complete assigned readings and complete all assignments on time. The following is a brief overview: (1) DISCUSSION FORUMS Students are expected to read all 4 assigned discussion forums in order to be aware of material discussed. There are 4 assigned discussions and students must participate in all (4) forums. Appropriate online etiquette should be practiced. Include websites/articles, examples, and apply course content. (2) QUIZZES, EXAMINATIONS and PARTICIPATION Please note that (a) Quizzes are based on the vLeader simulation and integrates course concepts related to each vLeader scenario. (b) Exams cover course material that augments your assigned readings (some portions of the examinations cover material not in your textbook (this material will appear in your lecture notes – indicated by “NIT” on each powerpoint slide). All quizzes and exams in this course require the Respondus lockdown browser. Download and use the instructions attached in "course information" in Blackboard then go straight to the link that appears below to download the lockdown browser. . (c) Team development is facilitated by regular communication and will be reflected in the peer evaluations that team members turn in on completion of each portion of the team project. Active, constructive participation is encouraged and counts toward your grade. Attendance will be recorded and points awarded. Participation in a class such as this is very important! Participation is not just showing up to class it’s getting involved, offering opinions, asking questions, getting into the class and group discussions. Participation will be graded as follows:
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Students are encouraged to supplement assignments with web...

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