Rent controls in new york city cause all of the

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27. Rent controls in New York City cause all of the following except : A) wasted resources resulting from the opportunity cost of time associated with trying to find an apartment. B) black markets. C) an increase in the quantity supplied of rent-controlled apartments. D) inefficiently low quality.
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ECON 2106 Shelby Frost Exam 1 1:00 pm TR Spring 2008 Version A Page 9 28. The production possibilities frontier is bowed-out from the origin, because: 29. Market equilibrium occurs when: 30. The cost of going to college is: 31. Which of the following influences does NOT shift the supply curve? A) a decrease in the price firms expect to receive in the future B) a rise in the wages paid workers C) development of new technology D) people deciding that they want to buy more of the product. 32. Rapidly increasing health costs have been a major political concern since at least 1992. Suppose that to control rising health costs the government sets the maximum price for a normal doctor's visit at $20, but the current market price is $40. Then: 33. Which of the following is a normative statement?
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