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MAN 3600 Syllabus Summer 13 ver 5-13-13 (6)

Movie to watch 21 lecture lecture international

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Movie to watch 21 Lecture: Lecture: International Management 22 Lecture: Lecture: Global Markets and Products I 22 Case Discussion: Global brands and cultures (BB Class #22 folder) 6/20 23 Lecture: Lecture: Global Markets and Products II 24 Exam 4
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ENDNOTES: 1) There are four circumstances constituting exceptions to the rule that there are no make-up exams in this course: a) FAU sport related activities, b) Jury duties, c) Surgeries that cannot be transferred, d) Student’s health related emergencies. These exceptions will have to be submitted in writing and supported by proper documents (for example: FAU Sport Department letters, doctors’ letters, etc). These cases will be analyzed and approved at my discretion. 2) Class Attitude and Participation Grade I grade Class Participation and Attitude in the following manner: in the beginning of the course all students have an A+, or 100 points, but each class disruption decreases 33.3 points from the original grade. Therefore, after three offenses, the initial 100 becomes a 0 (zero). Here are some examples of what I consider offenses: Cell phone rings (turn cell phones off when you get to class); Cell phone or pager checking (I do not accept storing class notes in the cell phone memory or server); Cell phone use: talking or answering (in this case one occurrence equals 3 offenses); Use of other electronic devices, such as “ipods,” etc; Chatting and/or exchanging jokes with the colleagues; Reading newspapers, magazines or other printed matters non-related to class; Disrupting class by noisy and/or late arrivals and/or early departures; late arrival and early departure are rude and upsetting; Refrain from talking during lectures and discussions; it disturbs the lecturer and is annoying; Sleeping in class: it is totally disrespectful to the professor – since attendance does not count for grade, if you want to sleep, stay at home; Using portable computers (laptops, netbooks, notebooks, tablets, etc) for applications other than taking class notes or following class material from Blackboard. 6
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# TOPIC CLASS CONTENT READING (pages) CASES / ARTICLES TO DISCUSS 5/14 Tu 1 Introduction Syllabus. IB concepts and definitions. 5-14, 22-23, 36-37 ----------- 5/14 Tu 2 IB Environment Political Systems and Risks 44-53,68-79, 80-84 ----------- 5/16 Th 3 IB Environment Legal Systems 53-61,79-80,136-138 Legal Systems_Chinese Tires 5/16 Th 4 IB Environment Culture in IB: Concepts and Definitions 91-113 Google Workplace Culture 5/21 Tu 5 IB Environment Cultural Differences 113-123 Disney in France 5/21 Tu 6 IB Environment Culture in Int'l Business: Applications 113-123 ----------- 5/23 Th 7 Exam 1 ----------- 5/23 Th 8 IB Concepts Int'l Business Entry Modes 425-438 Downey Industries 5/28 Tu 9 IB Concepts FDI - Foreign Direct Investment 241-270 China Leads In Foreign Direct Investment 5/28 Tu 10 Global Trade and Inv't International Trade Policies 205-211, 219-221 China has become Brazil’s biggest economic partner 5/30 Th 11 Global Trade and Inv't Governmental Influence on Trade (WTO) 212-219, 222-234 U.S. Assails Pace of Global Trade Talks 5/30 Th 12 Exam 2 ----------- 6/4 Tu 13 Global Trade and Inv't
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