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Unit 6 Customer Service Discussion Board Posting

You may not realize it but hiring a customer service

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You may not realize it, but hiring a customer service representative may be one of the most important hiring decisions you can make. After all, your receptionist or administrative assistant is often times the first person to interact with a potential Customer or Client and establishes the tone for the remainder of their interaction with your organization. Whatever you choose to call this position within your organization, one thing is certain - it is absolutely imperative that you hire the right person for the job. There are unique traits that can be identified, it is time for the most important part of the job benchmarking process: measurement and comparison. With the use of a scientifically validated employee assessment test in their phone capabilities. These traits can be measured in each of the candidates you are considering for the position and then compared to the job benchmark results to determine how well each candidate fits the job. In hiring any receptionist or customer service representative, the phone skills I would look for would include:
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1. A customer service representative often works without direct supervision and is expected to accomplish tasks without constant delegation. For this reason your receptionists must be skilled in managing their time at work effectively. 2. Given the high frequency of interaction with others, receptionists must have great interpersonal skills that make visitors feel like they are welcome guests to your organization. 3. Customer Service Representatives have to live to serve the customer. This can be a customer of the traditional sort visiting your office for an appointment, or it could be an internal customer from another department. Whatever the case may be, customer service is at the core of this position. 4. Proper Tone - Always answer with a polite sounding voice and not one that sounds like you are mad at the world or one that sounds like they could really care less about what you are needing. 5. Smile in your voice - Let your customer feel that you are smiling when speaking. 6. Empathy- The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. 7. Excellent Listening Skills- Be sure to pay attention to what the customer is asking and what type of information you are to give back. 8. Proper Pronunciation (No Slang) - Always speak proper using correct verbiage 9. Being Able to Handle Constant Monitoring- You could have multi phone lines that will need to be answered so you will need to able to multi task. 10. Great Communication Skills- able to keep cool when others are angry, able to think on your feet and resolve issues quickly to go on to the next call. 11. Knowledgeable about the Business- know what type of questions you will be asked about. If you do not know the answer, be able to direct them to the proper department. 12. Having a Positive Attitude- Answer the phone just as cheerful as you can be. When they feel the attitude that you have is very strong and positive, the customer will feed off that and you will satisfy with ease 13. Being Courteous- always be friendly, especially regarding an question, understanding ,
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kind, attentive, considerate, thoughtful, gracious, polished, polite and mannerly. 14. Clear language speaking ability- Knowing what words means and know the proper
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You may not realize it but hiring a customer service...

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