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Technique during each experiment technique scores

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Technique During each experiment technique scores will be assigned worth 0-5 points. The technique score can be very subjective. Your TA can give you a low score if you are wearing inappropriate clothing, have a messy area, use incorrect disposal techniques, are extremely inefficient in lab, have an unorganized, unkempt notebook, are not wearing your safety goggles, or are unprepared for lab. Failure to listen, learn, and comply will be reflected in your technique grade. Your TA can give you an outstanding score if you clean up a dirty area such as the balance table, ask good questions, have a very neat, organized notebook, or are efficient during lab. Lab Quizzes Quizzes will be online through GauchoSpace. There will be a mandatory Safety Quiz that must be taken before doing any experiments. Each week there will be a quiz relating to the experiment and the lecture topics. These are to be done by you and you alone. Do not work on quiz material with other students. Midterms Usually 30-40 multiple choice questions given at the beginning of lecture on the days indicated on GauchoSpace. Bring a scantron sheet, a non-programmable calculator and a pencil. Final Exam Usually 60-70 multiple choice questions. Previous final exam will be available for studying.
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