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Bibc 100 name winter 2011 midtermmontal 9 c aside

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BIBC 100 Name: _______________________ Winter 2011 Midterm/Montal 9 c) Aside from exposing its base pairs for possible interactions with proteins, DNA uses its flexibility to maximize stability of DNA-protein interactions. Briefly describe a specific example given in lecture that illustrates this phenomenon. (5 pts) 8) What motifs are depicted in Figure A and B? (6 pts) a. b.
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BIBC 100 Name: ___________________ Winter 2011 Midterm/Montal 10 9) A new protein with a sequence of DEDTEYIFVKMCPG was discovered to have α - helix as its secondary structure. a. Which Amino Acid(s) is (are) most likely hydrogen bonded to Tyrosine? (3 pts) b. What molecule is the Hydrogen bond donor and which is the Hydrogen bond acceptor in this α -helical structure? (3 pts) c. The α -helix ends at one point on the sequence. Indicate before which amino acid is the α -helix likely to end? (2 pts) d. Approximately how many turns would be in the α -helix if the α -helix started from the very first AA listed? (You can round to a whole number. Remember to show work!) (3 pts) e. If this sequence were a component of a longer polypeptide, what structure would most likely follow this α -helix in the context of the entire protein? (2 pts) f. A scientist realizes that there is another α -helix attached at the end of the sequence shown. He concludes that this sequence is a part of HELIX-TURN-HELIX motif. Where in the cell would this structure most likely be found? (2 pts)
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BIBC 100 Name: _______________________ Winter 2011 Midterm/Montal 11 10) a. Retinol-binding protein is an example of what motif? (3 pts) b. Where does the retinol bind to on the protein? (1 pt) c. What are the two important amino acids that stabilize retinol in its binding site? (2 pt)
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BIBC 100 Name Winter 2011 MidtermMontal 9 c Aside from...

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