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EN 234 Week 5 response paper

You really just the story was your average family

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who seemed to have some bad luck all through the story but it was not violent. You really just the story was your average family until the escaped convicts called the misfits came through and killed everyone. I was shocked at this and I believe this was O’Connor’s ultimate goal from her readers. It made you really interested to finish reading the story to see if they would get killed and also to ask yourself why this would happen. It was a real eye opener and not unlikely to happen in the world we live today. The old lady in the story was all about herself and very foolish and only came to her senses and wants to find grace when she is faced with a killer. In the story “Revelation” Ruby is not very nice and makes fun of the people in the waiting room and judge’s people who have done nothing to her. When she got a book thrown at her and attacked and the woman told her to go to hell Ruby could not understand why God sent her the message and she realizes she needs to go to heaven. Both the humor and violence shows us that there is evil yet good still among us and sometimes when we are doing wrong it is never too late to change. With the story “Parker’s Back” it is about a man who is a loser trying to win his wife’s love back by getting a tattoo but at the end of the story she is whipping him with a broom and the book says he was crying like a baby.
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