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Htw 309 paper 4 revised

He disapproved of mr yost medical practices and wasnt

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He disapproved of Mr. Yost medical practices and wasn’t culturally competent to his beliefs or diverse needs. Because of this Mr. Yost will not tell Dr. Yee that he is using the eastern medicines and he will mostly likely suffer from lead poisoning another time. #3. The culture of medicine has a distinct persona. To the lay public they may feel like medicine has no culture but it does (Foster, 2008). The culture of medicine establishes the “language, thought processes, styles of communication, customs, and beliefs” that become the foundation of the interpersonal communication that takes place between a doctor and a patient (Foster, 2008). In other words it is the etiquette doctors follow while dealing with a patient to ensure effective communication and an open relationship. Some may say that the culture of medicine gets in the way of a mutually satisfying and trusting doctor-patient relationship. For example, health care providers may use ‘doctor talk’ when speaking to their patients; a ‘language’ that is often not fully comprehensible to patients (Foster, 2008). But it is the healthcare provider’s obligation to make sure that their patients understand what they are speaking about so that they can help them get better from any illnesses they are dealing with. They can also speak in simple terms to make sure the patients understand what they are saying (Health Literacy, 2012 Blackboard). As you can see doctors and patients can be on different pages when it comes to proper types of treatments that should be administered to a patient. Patients may be using medicines that aren’t directly approved by their primary physicians. The relationships that are established between a physician and a client are really important in providing the optimal care to establish a life of longevity. To establish a good relationship between a physician and client their needs to be a focus on honesty, empathy, altruism, honor, and respect (Foster, 2008). This will establish a
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He disapproved of Mr Yost medical practices and wasnt...

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