Important Note In cases of Deferment of Studies or Transfer of Programme or

Important note in cases of deferment of studies or

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Important Note: In cases of Deferment of Studies or Transfer of Programme or Withdrawal of Module, the student concerned will not (in Deferment cases) and may not (in Transfer or Withdrawal cases) be able to complete the Course, that the student has been admitted to, within the prescribed completion dates. 4. CURRICULUM REVIEW Details of the curriculum are contained in the Course Handbook. The School reserves the rights to regularly review and make changes to the curriculum without prior notice. 5. EXAMINATIONS AND EVALUATIONS To qualify for various Raffles College of Higher Education awards, students will be required to successfully complete various course work, examinations, projects, industrial attachment programme, and other forms of evaluation prescribed in the various programmes offered by the School. Various conditions apply to the eligibility for examinations. Students will only be admitted to examinations provided that the student has (1) met all current financial obligations and (2) fulfilled the requirements of the course leading to the examinations. Examinations are administered at scheduled times and students must attend examinations. Students failing to attend examinations may be liable for a separate Examination Fee to have an equivalent examination set, administered and marked. Student assignments, projects and other school related work may be retained by the School or project sponsors for a period of up to 6 months after completion of study for marketing and promotional purposes. Our student’s welfare and educational aspirations are of utmost importance to us. We are committed to and will strive to ensure that all our students shall receive a high quality education. However, if there is any liability on the part of the College, arising out of this Admission Agreement or in relation to your tenure as a student in our College, the liability of the College shall be limited to and shall not, in any case, exceed the aggregate amount of the Course fees that you have paid to the College. Applicant's signature Date
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