The survey was conducted from march 2 to may 2013 in

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general views of various countries are regarding homosexuality. The survey was conducted from March 2 to May 2013 in 39 different countries with 37, 653 respondents all in all and data was gathered either through face-to-face interviews or telephone calls. The participants varied in both gender and age, both of which are possible factors on whether or not you are accepting of homosexuality. This is was proven by the results garnered from the survey that showed how younger respondents were more accepting of homosexuality than older respondents, while women were more accepting of homosexuality than men even in countries with non-prevalent gender differences (Pew Research Center, 2013). Those who took part in the survey were asked the question, “Should society accept homosexuality?” with “Yes” and “No” being the answers to choose from. In the Asia and the Pacific region, the Philippines ranked second among the
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