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These questions come to mind when i read this article

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These questions come to mind when I read this article. I don’t feel that there are any biased comments about this article. Everything that is going on is primary information and seen firsthand by the kids. "Tip Drill." Urbandictionary . 2010. Web. 10 Feb. 2010. <http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=tip%20drill>.
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This citation isn’t really an article. It is the definition of a very controversial song that was released in 2003 by a rapper called Nelly. The song was titled tip drill. A tip drill is “another name for runnin a train on a girl. Comes from baseketball where players line up at the free throw line and tip it off the backboard consecutively, one after another. Think of it in the sense of a group of men runnin a train on a woman. First man in line hits, next man follows until everyone has had a turn.” In this song women are sex-symbols and only good for one thing male pleasures. The song has women running around naked and sleeping with lots of different men. This song and video was banned from TV and was erased from Nelly’s single album. It stirred up lots of controversy. People wanted Nelly to be banned from making music after this video aired because it was like a porno. I would compare it to Meredith and Hunter who also believe that the music industry has turned to like a porn setting. The audience for the video was young males who wanted to see females naked and thought females were objects. The video was bias saying women are only good for sex and that they were disposable. The claims in the video were all false. Women do not act like that and should not carry themselves in this manner. At the end of the Video Nelly swipes his debit card between a female’s buttocks and say’s, “open.” This is saying she is like a product than can be purchased. He thought it was an innovative video but it was proved it wasn’t after it was banned. Why would you even want a woman who would let you do things like that to her? When will women draw the line between what is lady like and what is disgusting? "STUDENT SELECTED TO PRESENT RESEARCH ON PORTRAYAL OF WOMEN IN MUSIC VIDEOS, VIDEO GAMES AT CONFERENCE IN SPAIN. " US Fed News Service, Including US State News 8 Feb. 2010,Research Library, ProQuest. Web. 15 Feb. 2010. One of the major claims in this source is that due to the depiction of women in the music industry and video games this is causing young women to have a lower self esteem and see women as sex objects. Alecia Jones who is the head researcher in this article is pursuing her PhD in this area and has done some clinical studies that have come back with convincing results. This is a scholarly source because it was located on the proquest database. In her study she was compared the amount of media exposure to its effect on self esteem of college aged female students. The results showed that the females with the higher exposure had a lower self esteem in terms of appearance, attributes, and weight. These results make the argument more credible that the media is affecting young females who are the audience for this source.
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