All staff sections can recommend potential ffirs that

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All staff sections can recommend potential FFIRs that they believe meet the JFC's guidance. The plans directorate of a joint staff (J5) typically has overall staff responsibility for consolidating FFIR nominations and for providing the staff recommendation to the commander during planning prior to execution. During execution, the joint force J3 is responsible for consolidating these nominations and providing the recommendation for FFIRs that relate to current operations. However, the J5 remains responsible for consolidating nominations and recommending FFIRs related to the future plans effort. JFC-approved FFIRs are automatically CCIRs.
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Creating Shared Understanding-Decisions are the most important products of the C2 function because they guide the force toward objectives and mission accomplishment. Commanders and staff require not only information to make these decisions, but also the knowledge and understanding that results in the wisdom essential to sound decisions making. The two key components required to make effective decisions are information management and knowledge sharing. Information Management-Information management is an essential process that receives, organizes, stores, controls, and secures an organization's wide range of data and information in a manner that facilitates availability to relevant users, while concurrently preventing inadvertent disclosure of sensitive or proprietary information.
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