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Life of Antony

Pursuing such a goal are renouncing all worldly and

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pursuing such a goal are renouncing all worldly and bodily things, having unconditional faith in God, and dedicating one’s life from beginning to end to that vocation. When Antony first began his pursuit of the monastic vocation, he went into isolation and only sought the company of other spiritual zealots in order to learn the ways of ascetic living. From these “men of zeal”, Antony observed the many different ways they approached and interpreted the proper method of devotion to God. While each man had taken different attributes of spiritual self-discipline and focused on that single aspect, Antony took in each view, and gathered “… the attributes of each in himself… striving to manifest in himself what was best from all” ( VA 4). In this way, Antony improved the means of practicing monastic vocation, as well as his own sense of moral development. It is this innovative and comprehensive methodology to monastic vocation that I believe Athanasius was trying to convey to the people through Antony, in order for them to accomplish the call from God, for God. However, it is also
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stressed by Athanasius that one must never be satisfied with their level of spiritual morality, but
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