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In ecology succession refers to a a community

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10. In ecology, succession refers to: a. A community gradually being replaced by another b. The survival of the fittest c. A balance of ecological resistance and biotic potential d. Interactive predator-prey relationships e. 11. The stable group of plants and animals that is viewed as the endpoint of succession or the potential natural community is termed: 12. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) does not utilize which of the following practices? 13. Controling weeds by digging them up with a shovel is what type of weed control? 14. Pollutants that are broken down by natural processes are called: a. Perpetual b. Non-degradable c. Biodegradable d. Non-renewable 15. The greatest threat to wildlife in the world is: 16. Hummingbirds, pelicans, burrowing owls, and western bluebirds are all examples of: 17. The idea that land managers should conduct activities so that the productive capacity of the land is maintained and available for future generations is called:
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