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Stat 1102 lecture notes 1

One or more variables characteristics of the

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One or more variables (characteristics of the population units) that are to be investigated The sample of population units The inference about the population based on information contained in the sample A measure of reliability for the inference Section 5 o Types of data Quantitative data – measurements recorded on a naturally occurring numerical scale Qualitative data – measurements cannot be measured on natural numerical scale Only be classified into one of a group of categories Section 6 o Collecting data From published source (newspaper, book) Designed experiment (lab) Survey Collected observationally o Samples Representative sample exhibits characteristics typical of these possessed by the population of interest
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Random sample – selected from population that every different sample has equal chance of selection Section 7 o Statistical thinking Applying rational thought of science to assess data and inferences Fundamental to the thought process is that variation exists in populations and process data o Nonrandom sample errors Selection bias results when subset of experimental units in the population is excluded so that these units have no chance of being selected for the sample o Nonresponse bias: researchers conducting a survey or study are unable to obtain data on all experimental units selected for sample o Measured error: inaccuracies in value of data recorded
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One or more variables characteristics of the population...

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