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They finally took action to change their formula

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warning label they had to reduce the level of Methylimidiozle drastically. They finally took action to change their formula. (Nazworth, 2012) Why was this action not taken before the need to require them to warn people? Why are they not being held responsible in some way for all the damage they have caused all these years to so many people? I shudder to think of all those who have been drinking Coke day after day, not having a clue as to what they were doing to themselves. So who should be responsible for what and how much we eat? Is having the amount
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of calories posted on a website enough of responsibility on the fast food industry? Should they be held responsible for what is in what they serve us? For me, the answer is twofold. Let’s look at what we eat. While no one can force people to eat anything they don’t want to eat, I do believe people would eat differently if they were truly aware of what they were eating. Earlier I asked the question of “Why is it getting harder and harder to combat physical ailments. Research has shown that one reason is the amount of antibiotics in the meat that we eat. (Gould, 2012) Healthy animals are given antibiotics to keep them healthy. We then ingest the meat and along with it the antibiotics. Germs become immune to those antibiotics causing them to become stronger and stronger. They become so strong that they make us sick and now the antibiotics we have available to us will not kill the germs because they have already become immune to them. (Gould, 2012) We now have super viruses along with the added weight. With the added weight already causing a huge strain on our bodies we render ourselves completely unable to fight off disease. Now let’s look at how much we eat. Fat is addictive to the human body. The more we eat, the more we crave. So why do we continue to eat things we know will make us fat in such large portions. The answer is easy, because it’s there and often times the only available option. The
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They finally took action to change their formula Nazworth...

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