C gently remove the hard drive from the case look for

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c. Gently remove the hard drive from the case. Look for a jumper reference chart on the hard drive. If there is a jumper installed on the hard drive, use the jumper reference chart to see if the hard drive is set for a Master, Slave, or Cable Select (CS) drive. Place the hard drive in an antistatic bag. What is the jumper setting of the hard drive? Step 5: Remove Optical Drive. a. Locate the optical drive (Blu-ray, DVD, etc.). Carefully disconnect the power and data cables from the optical drive. Remove the audio cable from the optical drive if there is one connected. What kind of data cable did you disconnect? Is there a jumper on the optical drive? What is the jumper setting? b. Locate and remove all of the screws that secure the optical drive to the case. Put all of these screws in one place and label them. Place the optical drive in an antistatic bag. How many screws secured the optical drive to the case? Step 6: Remove the Power Supply. a. Locate the power supply. Find the power connection(s) to the motherboard. b. Gently remove the power connection(s) from the motherboard. How many pins are there in the motherboard connector? c. Disconnect the power cables from any case fans. d. Disconnect the power cable from the video card if it requires one. e. Disconnect any other power supply cables from where they were connected. If there were additional cables disconnected, to what were they connected?
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