Question 2 With regard to any historical event or process of change with which

Question 2 with regard to any historical event or

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Question 2 With regard to any historical event or process of change with which you are familiar, write an essay answering the following question: Did change come primarily from the top, from the bottom, or from any other level of society? The challenge: To write a well-argued, purposeful and analytical essay, which distinguishes between three social levels and prioritises them. High-level indicators: - Distinguishing meaningfully between all three levels within one society. - Establishing and perhaps problematising a robust intermediate category. - Prioritising between factors throughout the essay. Lower-level indicators: - Unproblematic or formulaic choice of levels. This pertains especially to the ‘other level of society’ category. - Emphasis on description over analysis. - Failure to prioritise, except perhaps rather arbitrarily in the conclusion. Marks scheme: 21-30 marks: Tends to argue, problematise and analyse. Must distinguish meaningfully between 3 societal levels, and generate an argument which is ultimately prioritised. 12-20 marks: Answers the question to some extent, but tends toward description over analysis; offers some argument, but weakly, or only in the conclusion. Toward the bottom end, the candidate may fail to establish a useful middle category, or the essay may feel like an insufficiently adapted schoolwork essay. 0-11 marks: Will fail to establish three categories, will fail entirely to prioritise, or in some other way will manifestly fail to engage with the question. Alternatively, the essay will simply not show the skills expected of a potential undergraduate.
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