Suggested activities twins 33 puberty secondary

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Suggested activities twins 3.3 Puberty Secondary sexual characteristics Reproductive systems Sexual maturity Menstrual cycle Nocturnal emission Positive attitude towards individual differences in physical appearance Secondary sexual characteristics Male & female reproductive systems Signs of maturation of the reproductive system (menstrual cycle and nocturnal emission) We reach sexual maturity at different ages *** S. With the help of a model examine the various stages of the menstrual cycle S. Watch video on the various changes at puberty School: Sex Education Week - board exhibition, film show, talk by Family Planning Association, seminar, and /or debate 3. 4 Pregnancy Intercourse Pregnancy Parenthood Family planning Birth control Abortion In vitro fertilisation Pregnancy: signs of pregnancy; length of pregnancy; related health issues Preparation for parenthood Family planning: the need for birth control, prevention of the fusion of ovum and sperm as the basic principle of birth control The various methods of birth control and how they work Abortion and its implications S. Watch video on various methods of birth control
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