Provide generous wage supple ments(child and housing

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Unformatted text preview: provide generous wage supple- ments (child and housing allow- (45) ances) to single parents whose wages are low.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q35: The passage suggests that the United States government’s policy towards providing wage supplements to parents whose wages are low is A. considered ill advised by most economists who have studied the issue B. based on assumptions about the appropriate sources of family income C. under revision in response to criticism from some policy analysts D. capable of eliminating wage inequality but not of raising incomes for both women and men E. applicable to single-parent families headed by women but not to single-parent families headed by men 19 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q36: Which of the following is most clearly an example of the policy advocated by the policy analysts mentioned in line 26 ? A. A government provides training to women who wish to move out of occupations in which women are concentrated. B. A government supports research that analyzes the connection between wage inequality and poverty among single-parent families headed by women. C. A government surveys wages annually to make certain that women and men in the same jobs receive the same pay. D. A government analyzes jobs in terms of the education and responsibility they require and publishes a list of jobs that should be considered equivalent for wage purposes. E. A government provides large rent subsidies to single parents whose wages are less than half the average worker’s wage. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q37: According to the passage, some economists believe that, in the United States, there would be smaller differences between the wages of women and men who do the same jobs if A. equal pay laws were enforced more fully B. more stringent equal pay laws were passed C. a more rigorous comparable worth standard were developed and applied D. more men entered the occupations in which women are concentrated E. women received the same kind and amount of job training that men receive Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q38: Unless tiger hunting decreases, tigers will soon be extinct in the wild. The countries in which the tigers’ habitats are located are currently debating joint legislation that would ban tiger hunting. Thus, if these countries can successfully enforce this legislation, the survival of tigers in the wild will be ensured. The reasoning in the argument is most vulnerable to criticism on the grounds that the argument A. assumes without sufficient warrant that a ban on tiger hunting could be successfully enforced B. considers the effects of hunting on tigers without also considering the effects of hunting on other endangered animal species C. fails to take into account how often tiger hunters are unsuccessful in their attempts to kill tigers D. neglects to consider the results of governmental attempts in the past to limit tiger 20 hunting...
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provide generous wage supple ments(child and housing...

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