Task 2 Consumer Customer Profile Instructions Prepare a consumer customer

Task 2 consumer customer profile instructions prepare

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Task 2 - Consumer/ Customer Profile Instructions Prepare a consumer/ customer profile report (750 Words) using the case study information and your responses to questions 1 12 as follows: Steps Follow these five (5) simple steps to learn more about your existing customers, in order to find more customers like them. 1.Describe Your CustomersUnderstand who your ideal customer is and what similarities they have. Define your customers with the following criteria: Demographics their age, gender, income, etc.Psychographics their personality type, preferences, etc.Behaviour their similar likes and dislikes, sports, hobbies, etc.You should also note characteristics of your ideal businesses to work with, including: Numberof employeesRevenueGeographic scopeType of businessDecision-makingBudget.2.Locate Your CustomersFind the places your customers are attracted to, whether a physical location or a cyber space where they gather. Where do they hang out?What do they read? Both online and offline?What do they search for online?
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ILSC Business School BSBMKG516 Assessment V6 0 5 18 8 3.Understand Their Purchasing ProcessReview the needs and benefits that make your customers purchase your product or service. Where do they begin their research?What is their problem or need?What are the benefits to finding a solution?Do they make purchases by impulse?Do they seek out referrals?Will they need approval by a committee before making a purchase?4.Connect with Current CustomersConsider your current customers to gain additional insight into what made them select your business over others. Conduct interviews, formally or informally, and ask them: How did you originally find our company before contacting us?Why did you originally buy from our company?Why do you continue to buy from our company?What do we do that others don’t?5.Create Client Profiles (Personas)Create profiles that describe specific segments of your current clients. Ensure that the profiles are tangible, so that you can envision this person and what would motivate them to find your business. Describe your clients in written profiles, called personasCreate a specific persona for each identifiable client group and name themInclude images of ideal clients, either real or a hypothetical individualCompleting these five simple steps will give you a good idea of the type of customers your business should be targeting.
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