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Demand elasticity is established that working and

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demand elasticity is established that working and other equal employment conditions only ne d to be op ortunity laws altered in a discriminatory way EEOC low Har is v. Forklift Systems inc. Equal Employment op ortunity commis ion Equal pay acts says This act covers discrimination Title VI of civil rights act against those 40 years or older covers what created by ADEA employers can't discriminate Age discrimination in employment race, color, religion, sex betwe n men and women act of 1967 national origin in terms of contracts of employment and if doing same work must get same pay and benefits amendment to FLSA Pregnancy Discrimination act most famous supreme court Ruling in City of Richmond created how decision in Af irmative action v. Croson second most famous case Af irmative action must be as an amendment to Title VI Regents of the University of subject to "strict scrutiny" and is California v. Bak e unconstitutional unles racial discrimination can be proven to be "widespread throughout City of Richmond v. Croson a particular industry" 4 main elements of a contract the basic principle in contract Expres contract is interpretation is capacity of the parties "Intent" of the parties from an oral or writ en agre ment mutual agre ment or me ting the overal picture in which parties state the of the minds contracts terms and expres consideration their intentions in words legality of subject mat er if a contract is covered by implied or implied in fact implied in law or Quasi Statue of Frauds it must be contract is contracts is evinced by a memorandum a contract established by the where the law implies a contract conduct or actions of the parties where one does not exist to not their writ en or spoken words prevent unjust enrichment of one party at the expense of another a special case where there was no me ting of the minds thre types of contracts a contract that has be n entered An unenforceable contract is into but not performed one that a court can ot enforce because expres Executory no consideration involved, implied or implied in fact a promise was made jokingly implied in law or quasi or doesn’t me t statue of frauds requirement or to much time pas ed since breach Capacity means and what is trespas Mutual As ent who is not competent? aka mutual agre ment or me ting of the minds parties may be competent to an intentional tort involving characterized by be bound by the contract unauthorized entry onto anothers presence of an of er and land ac eptance minors, insane people and sometimes intoxicated people 3 requirements to an of er if an of er contains the four An of er can be withdrawn at parts of a valid contract then any time before it is ac epted ac eptance by of ere makes it except for binding providing that what is proven? options contracts and
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