The Pre Workshop consists of the lecture readings and review questions for a

The pre workshop consists of the lecture readings and

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The Pre-Workshop consists of the lecture, readings, and review questions for a topic. The lecture is supplied as a series of short pre-recorded videos, and is complemented by required reading from the textbook. Once you have completed your preparation, you should complete the self-administered review questions. The review questions will help you to assess how well you have prepared for the Workshop, and will suggest areas for you to revise if you aren’t sure of the answers. The Workshop consists of a series of exercises designed to give you practice in applying the concepts from the topic in the context of a systems analysis and design problem. You should be prepared to discuss the material and to make your own notes to ensure you achieve the workshop learning outcomes. The Post-Workshop consists of a self-administered quiz on Moodle. The quiz enables you to review your learning on the topic, and forms part of your overall assessment in the unit. Keeping up with the work As we will cover quite a lot of material it is very important to keep up with the work. There are two sets of online quizzes designed to help you do this: Each topic has a number of topic review questions that will be posted in the form of a quiz on LMS. You should attempt the review questions as you complete the reading for the topic. The review questions are NOT assessable: their purpose is to let you review your understanding of the material and highlight areas that you may need to revise before the session. The review quizzes do not close so you can attempt them as often as you like and use them for revision throughout the unit. There is an assessable Quiz due every session that will test your understanding of the material covered. The quizzes consist of 20 multiple choice (or similar) questions. Each quiz is worth 1% and your best 10 quizzes will be counted towards your final grade (a maximum of 10%). You should get into the habit of completing the quiz as soon as possible after your workshop, as each quiz will only be open for a week.
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