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Lecture 19

Like famous sculptures called danzante figures

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these cultures work and they represented themselves. Like famous sculptures called Danzante figures meaning, “dancers.” In detail, these are guys that guys whose guts are being poured out. they were captives!!! People that didn’t behave. Power of political authorities. -another highland one is Teotihuacan (300 b.c.-700 a.d.) - one of the world’s best ancient cities. A very striking ancient capital of the highlands. A little bit of contact with the monte alban but only very little. Urban center that has a major pyramids, broad avenues of the dead, enormous cities that stretches, craft production. Apartment compounds of where a lot of people lived in there. These apt compounds are what they are known for. population growth was very modest over time. It took 150 years for the population to double in each instance. Good comparison for modern urban growth. Modern cities are not a good example for the population growth of ancient cities. -modern mexico city is much larger than that-world’s biggest city today! Central mexico has so much archaeology-the question is do we keep all this stuff or do we leave it for modern life? TEXTBOOK NOTES: -these Mesoamerica ball games had great political significance as when powerful chiefs or kinds would host emissaries from other politics. Other times, it was purely recreational and observers wagered vast amounts of personal wealth on their outcomes. -paso de la amada-covered by heavy tropical forest and an excellent set of microenvironments for gardening, gathering, hunting, and the exploitation of riverine and marine resources. Might have functioned as a kind of capital or central place for people living in nearby communities. Maize was not dominant in their diet. -Olmecs were the mother culture because of their public architecture, large stone monuments, and sophisticated art and iconography and how they transmitted them through trade, exchanges, war and other types of contact. But it could be the other way where they did not have a great influence on everyone around them. -mesoamerican calendar tracked cycles of 260 days and 365 days. The 260 day calendar-each
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Like famous sculptures called Danzante figures meaning...

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