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Estancia (ESA)
Robert Hooke
discovered cells
Jacksonian democracy
widening political power
Adolph Hitler
leader of Germany
Time period for summer monsoons+direction of the winds
became thriving trading trading centers
an acient region around southeastern Mesopotamia and between The Tigris and Euphrates River
to think deeply about sacred things
the bringing of formal charges atganist a public official
George Washington
Commander of Continental Army, President, great leader
a three masted ship that sailed fasterthan anyother ships and could carry more cargo and food supplies
Herbert Hoover
food administration during WWI, , president of the U.S in the beginning of the great depression, didn't want the government involved in the peoples lives
The special way of pronouncing words and phrases that is used by people from a certain area or country.
hard, black glass created by the cooled molten lava of a volcano
Protests Against Slavery
Slave Rebellions -"Nat Turner". abolitionism - John Brown and Frederick Douglas
Julius Caesar wins his battle in...?
55 BCE.
goddess of creations, creator of earth and people
all the plants and trees in an area
anything that makes water air or soil dirty
De Soto and accomplishments?
Found Mississippi River and south-eastern America
Huang River
This river flows some 2900 across China before emptying into the Yellow Sea. It means "Yellow River"
Europes highest mts exending in an arc formation
Christopher Columbus
An explorer who reached the Americas in 1492
verticle consolidation
gaining control of the many different businesses that make up all the phases of a product's development
law that requires people of a certain age to enlist in the military
Mary Mapes Dodge
A writer that wrote children's books. She wrote Hans Brinker, The Silver Skates.
judicial branch
the part of the goverment that makes sure laws follow the constitution
representative democracy
citizens elect people to make laws and decision for them
extended family
includes a large number of people who are related under one roof
federal trade commision
replace bureau of corporations to stop unfar business
Federalists favoring the constitution
Federalists thought they could have a federal government supporting the constitution
Stephen A. Douglas
The job of getting the compromise to be passed
Sea, Gulf, and Bay
are names given to an indentation of the shore line of an ocean
so people formed governments
Cities meant that someone neede to be in charge of organization so people...
Why were the bards so powerful?
They could write a bad song about anyone they didn't like.
explanation of data
A new device.
Total war
War against armies.
is where the government meets
People who can predict events.
is breaking up bad trusts
Border States
Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri were slave states that bordered states in which slavery was illegal
Income tax
Tax on money people make.
Reconstruction Act
Radical Republicans plan for reconstruction(1867), said must disband state governments, must condtitutions, must ratify 14th amendment (made Afr. Am. citizens),and 15th amendment( Afr. Am. men will be allowed to vote), military districts
a rhythmic, upbeat type of music
A capitol is a building where governments meet and laws are made. New Yorks capital is in Albany
flat, low-lying land built up from soil carried downstream by a river and deposited at its mouth
Freedman's Bureau
Helped freedmen start their new lives
Positive +
a political system headed by a dictator that calls for extreme nationalism and racism and no tolerance of opposition
a religion represented by the many groups (especially in Asia) that profess various forms of the Buddhist doctrine and that venerate Buddha Klerk
South African president who officially ended apartheid in 1989.
is a lack of goods or services
an inland waterway built by people for transportation or irrigation
Slave Trade Compromise
The Northern and Southern states argued over ending slavery. Their compromise was that Congress wouldn't stop the slave trade for 20 years.
Harry S. Truman
elected Vice President in Roosevelt's 4th term
Protective Tariff
Tax placed on imports to discourage the purchase of foreign goods.
Dollar Diplomacy
A policy of joining the business interests of a country with its diplomatic abroad
the rules or laws that we followand the people who run our country
someone who hires and pays people to work
judicial review
principle which said that the supreme court had final say on what the constitution means.
yellow fever & malaria
two diseases that Americans were stricken with during the Spanish-American war.
100 Days
period from March to June 1933 when Congress passed major legislation submitted by Roosevelt to deal with the Depression
Blue pettees
the first 500 enlisted in the nl regiment
great leap foward
the plan to build chinese factories and change agriculture system
Bunker Hill
1st major battle - Prescott led 1,200 minutemen up Bunker Hill,
proved that the Americans could fight bravely
renassiance encouraged
people to pursue new ideas and set new goals it paved the way for the age of exploration and discovery
political parties
a group of people who organize to help elect government officials and influence government policies.
Chief Logan (Tahgahjute)
Who led the Mingo and their allies, the Shawnee, in attacks against settlers?
Committee of Public Safety
Set up by Robespiere, it managed the countries military defense against the foreign forces on Frances borders
What is the difference between URBAN and RURAL areas?
Urban: means City; Rural: means Countryside
What is the hierarchy of the church?
5. Priest 4. bishop 3. archbishop 2. cardinal 1. pope
to live forever
goddess of love
direct rule of people
an inland body of water
a vote of not guilty
to adjust or make suitable
a culture that has developed specialization, religion, government, and learning
jobs in different areas (minning forestry papermills)
mary lyon
founded 1st women only college
David Brainerd begins his missionary work among the Indians.
Bartholomeu Dias
explored the southern tip of africa
Protesant sect founded in 1640's in England whose members believed that salvation was available to all ppl
Another term for Middle Kingdom, it meant the center of the world.
the movement of ideas or behaviors from one region to another
4-6 story building in large city; apartments small 1 family lives in one very small apartment.
germany' s plan for winning ww1
von schlieffen
A simplified form of speech developed from two or more languages.
Patroon System
New Amsterdam economic. A few rich families were given huge tracts of land, then they rented out the land to at least 50 families
a piece of jewelry or other object used as a charm to provide protection against bad luck, illness, injury or evil.
the capital city of Italy; capital of the ancient Roman Empire
movement of people to cities and the growth of cities
settling a dispute by listening to a neutral party outsider
the policy of building up strong armed forces to prepare a country for war
work that helps others by giving them what they want or need
Isaac Backus
Baptist pastor who worked to give America religious freedom.
Logging and Ship building
important industries in the New England colonies.
absolute location
the exact place on earth where a geographic feature is found
Economic Activity
Any action that relates to the making, buying, and selling of goods and services
What is the The study of people, their environments, and their resources?
is a mountain or hill built up by the eruption of molten rock and ash from the Earth's interior
(Reasons why WWI began) Eco Reasons:
Scramble for Africa (biggest colonies)
Pig War (Au boycott's Serbian pork → Serbs go to sell to Russia)
Tariff of Abominations
Tariff passed by Congress in 1828 that favored manufacturing in the North and was hated by the South
The War Production Board did what?
They converted factories to war production and began to produce war nessities.
the sons of liberty
people met in groups to talk and act against the new taxes
how does creation of an EU trading bloc unite europe?
millions of consumers are egar to do business in the EU the size of the market has made the EU trade bloc an important force.
Math Geek
lightning war (german)
An image; a representation.
a high-ranking social class
House of Representatives is _________
scientific discoveries that simplify work; aided the Industrial Revolution; some included the spinning jenny, water frame, power loom, and cotton gin
thinly populated frontier area between teh coastal settlements and the Appalachian Mountains
to attack or take over something
North America
third largest continent, comprising Mexico, the United States, Canada and Central America:
Civic Responsibility
the responsibilities of a citizen
johannes gutenberg
German printer: credited with invention of printing from movable type.
this people invaded egypt and took control tmeporarily
a religious leader who told the Israelites what God wanted them to do
When one people defeats and controls another
secondary source
historical account written by someone who is not an eyewitness
A country that does what another country tells them (with their government, economy, etc.) in exchange for protection from other counrties
8 ecosystems
ocean, forest, jungle, desert, swamp, tundra, rain forest, prairie
period of renewed interest in learning and knowledge
Fertile Soil
Land capable of sustaining abundant plant growth
The effort by Christian leaders to drive the Muslims out of Spain, lasting from the 1100s until 1492.
What was Muhammad named in Medina when he fled there in 622?
tax on foreign goods: used to help your own industries to grow since there is less competition
Madeleine Kunin
The first female governor of Vermont. She was Deputy Secretary of Education under President Bill Clinton. From 1996-1999, she served as the U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland
A tall, four sided pillar that is pointed on top.
check and balances
that powers given to different branches of government are balanced
civil war
Armed conflicts between groups in one country
stopping work to try to get something from your employer. In this case the women stopped working to demand better conditions.
boston massacre
The first bloodshed of the Amercan Revolution, as British guards at the Boston Customs House opened fire on a crowd killing five americans
guerrilla warfare
the use of hit-and-run tactics by small, mobile groups of irregular forces operating in territory controlled by a hostile, regular force.
Canon Law
the body of laws governing the religious practices of a Christian church
Treaty of Ghent
Treaty which ended the War of 1812.
committees of correspondence
purpose was to keep colonists informed of british actions
Largest of the 3 groups of the Pacific Islands, includes New Zealand, Hawaii, Easter Islands, and Tahiti
A.D. 5-67 One of the 12 apostles of Jesus; Roman Catholics consider him to be the first pope, bishop of Rome
Civil law
a group of laws that help settle disagreements between people
roger taney
U.S. jurist: Chief Justice of the U.S. 1836–64.
Book of the Dead
book that shows you the barrial, mummification, and how to make it to the good part of the afterlife
Election of 1860
Lincoln was elected, NO states in the south elected him, he won because he got northern votes, and the other votes were split
George Mason
wrote the bill of rights in the VA constitution
name two things in the delegated national government.
coin money and declare war
powers of the Legislative Branch (House AND Senate)
override veto, impeach the president, declare war, and raise taxes
What is the difference between weather and climate?
weather is the day-to-day conditions of the atmosphere in a place, and climate is the weather that a place has over a longer period of time
why did the chinese practice foot binding?
seen as a sign of beauty and control
Vasco da Gama sailed for Portugal. He sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and into the Indian Ocean. In 1498, da Gama sailed into the port of Calicut in India.
Who was Vasco da Gama? Where did he travel?
proposed law
a safe place
interpreter for the pilgrims
belief in one god
introduction to a declaration, constitution, or other official document
Opposing groups within a party
The land beside a river
not taking sides in a conflict
government controls nearly all public and private activity
title held by kings of Iran
being as one or in agreement
francisco coronado
Spanish explorer in North America.
The first hominid to wear clothing, bury their dead, and lived in europe
Robert E. Lee
Surrendered at the Appomatox Courthouse --> Confederate general
Judical branch
makes sure laws follow constitution and is ran by the supreme court
A poor, crowded part of the city
Native born American who wanted to eliminate foreign influence
a device used to determine direction, latitude, and local time.
one of the narrow waterways that separates Europe from Asia, a vital strait connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean
being normal and we believe is right
Relating to a Southern African empire established by Mutota in the 15th century A.D.
controlled ivory trade as far away as India
raw materials
natural resources that must be worked to be useful
A ceremony entacted in the same way time after time
A system of government where power is shared among the central (or federal) government and states
Darius 1
called himself king of kings in comparison to his satraps
A signed request made to an official person or organization
Proclamation of 1763
A proclamation from the British government which forbade British colonists from settling west of the Appalacian Mountains, and which required any settlers already living west of the mountains to move back east.
famous chief of the Shawnee who tried to unite Indian tribes against the increasing white settlement
noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style:
n. a region of western North Africa, consisting of the Mediterranean coastlands of what is now Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.
Popular Sovereignty
in mid 1800s, term referring to the idea that each territory could decide for itself whether or not to allow slavery
Battle of Tippecanoe
1811 Tecumseh and the Prophet attack, but General Harrison crushes them in this battle ends Tecumseh's attempt to unite all tribes in Mississippi.
january 26 1861
when did LA secede from the U.S.
14th Amendment
an 1868 amendment to the United States Constitution that gives citizenship to all persons born in the United States and guarantees equal protection of the laws.
Jose de San Martin
leader for independence in southern south america
a member of any of the dominant groups of South American Indian peoples who established an empire in Peru prior to the Spanish conquest.
a person who comes to a new country in order to settle there
Boston Tea Party
act of protest against the tea act. Patriots threw tea into harbor in Boston
popular government
this is the idea that people can and should rule themselves
Checks and Balances
system to ensure that no one branch of government could become too powerful
congress senate house of representatives
What was the great compromise? When the ______ was separated into two houses Which were the ______ and the _____ __ __________
What group made up the largest group of whites in the South?
most were farmers, specifically yeomen.
Explain the living style of the people in the Northeast, the Great Plains, and the Northwest.
Northeast - Iroquois lived in long houses. Great Plains - Native Americans lived in tepees made from buffalo. Northwest - the people built totem poles from trees
What did William T. G. Morton do? 3 things
Dentist - Introduced use of either as anesthetic (1846) discovery great boon to surgery
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