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Terms Definitions
capital of Cuba
William Randolph Hearst
newspaper owner
William Taft
believed in Dollar Diplomacy
extreme patriotism; favoring an aggressive, warlike foreign policy; intense burst of extreme national pride
a United States naval officer remembered for his victory at Manila Bay in the Spanish-American War
Theodore Roosevelt
leader of the "Rough Riders"
Roosevelt became peacemaker for a war between this place and Russia. He brought over delegates from each place and persuaded Japan to be satisfied with small grants of land and control over Korea instead of a lot of money. He got a promise from Russia to vacate Manchuria, which remained part of China. He succeeded in keeping open trade in China to all nations and won the Nobel peace prize.
freedom from control or influence of another or others
Platt Amendment
helped U.S. maintain control over Cuba
which nation did the platt amendment make a u.s. protectorate
Mckinley offered to ___ Cuba outright to avoid war
foraker act
set up civil government for puerto rico
Sanford b. Dole
removed Queen Liliuokalani from power and had Hawaii annexed by the U.S.
Sugar Cane
a plant from which sugar is made
Steward's Folly
He purchased Alaska from the Russians and people thought it was foolish
who proclaimed Hawaii as an american territory in 1898
u.s congress
Who took the Throne in 1893
Queen Lil (liliuokalani)
William McKinley
President of the United States during the Spanish American War
De Lome Letter
Spanish Ambassador's letter that was illegally removed from the U.S. Mail and published by American newspapers. It criticized President McKinley in insulting terms. Used by war hawks as a pretext for war in 1898.
treaty of paris
spain freed cuba. guam islands to puerto rico. west indies to us. philippines to us.
they were in almost in another war and they were "unfit for self government." If the U.S. didn't act first, Europeans might seize the islands.
Moral Diplomacy
a sincere belief in the ideas of democracy
term refers to the policy of denying recognition of latin american governments that the united states viewed as oppressive, undermocratic or hostile to us interests
missionary diplomacy
What document did the united states insist that cuba include in its Constitution?
The platt amendment
George Dewey
Was appointed by the Navy as a commander of the Asiatic fleet
What war ended with the treaty of paris of 1898
spanish american war
James Creelman
1896 - Havana for New York World - yellow journalism in Cuba to boost sales and intervention
the united states gained control of the land it needed to build the panama canal y
ecouring and supporting panamanian pendence
The Coumbian's Plan against the U.S.
When the Columbian Deal with France was up, they were going to "rob" the U.S. by charging more for the isthmus. The U.S. told France that if they organized a Panamanian revolution against Columbia, the U.S. would not interfere.
What was the De Lome Letter?
a private letter written by enrique dupuy de Lome calling McKinley weak and a bidder for the admiration of the crowd.
What Did The Americans Do That Annoyed The Hawaians
They didnt follows laws but wanted to be treated like a Hawian under good circumstances
Rebellion of 1895
Becomes president in 1897
Woodrow Wilson
believed in Moral Diplomacy
_____ gets involved helping Cuba defeat Spain
The doctrine of expanding the territory or the economic influence of a country
The Platt Amendment basically says that whenever the _____ wants to they can get involved in _______ affairs
US, Cuban
In 1867, Seward bought this from Russia and the country used its natural resources. This was known as "Seward's folley
a. not getting involved in other countries' conflicts
b. the policy in remaining separate from other countries
Yellow Press
U.S. Newspaper will arouse U.S. sympathy, some stories are spiced just so they can sell newspapers.
In 1887, white business leaders force King _____ to chane Hawaii;s constitution to grant voting rights only to wealthy landowners
The insurrection in Cuba against Spain led by
Debate over Annexation
supporters of annexing Philippines thought emphasized economic and military benefits and that America had a duty to teach the "less civilized" how to live
- Anti-imperialists argued that the cost of an empire outweighed economic venefits it provided and that competiction from cheap Filipino labor would drive down American wages
harper's weekly article
by courtney bielow. how unready soldiers were
Panama Canal
The Spanish American War created a need for a quick route between the Pacific and Atlantic. It was built across Central America making shipping and navy travel much faster.
Puerto Rico
Country that became dependent on the US after the Spanish-American War.
construction ranks as one of the world;s greatest engineering feats
panamal canal
Yellow Journalism
The term used to describe the exaggerated news stories being reported at this time.
whow as elected president in 1908?
William howard Taft
roosevelt corollary
added to monroe doctrine to warn latin america that usa would use force to protect ites economic interests
guerilla warfare
type of fighting in which soldiers use swift hit-and-run attacks against the enemy
policy of using the u.s. government to guarantee loands made to foreign countries by american business people
dollar diplomacy
Was one of the leaders of the buffalo soldiers headed for Cuba
Open Door Policy
A policy whereby all countries have an equal opportunity to trade freely in a certain place
spanish american war
In 1898, a conflict between the United States and Spain, in which the U.S. supported the Cubans' fight for independence
What happened in 1886?
Cuban slavery was abolished, but it still was not independent
What three conflicts did the U.s. military troops take part in
1. boxer rebellion
2. hawaiian revolution
3. cuba's second war for independence
What three reasons stimulated united states imperialism?
1. new economic markets
2. desire for millitary strength
3. belief incultural superiority of the angle
what were the only colonies spain retained by the end of the 19th century?
the phillipines, Guam, outposts in africa, the carribean islands, cuba, puerto rico
how was the public opinion of the US split?
businessmen wanted to support spain to protect investmets. Other americans were enthusiastic about the rebllion.
Cuba's main export
Rough Riders
-Led by Colonel Leonard Wood
the battles were covered both nationally and internationally
the journalistic use of subject matter that appeals to vulgar tastes
who was the queen of Hawaii
queen liliuokalani
Why U.S was reluctant to declare war on Cuba
Philippine Islands
1898, Purchased from Spain for $20 million following Spanish-America War; fully independent in 1946
the plan proposed by roosevelt was an all-out ___ to the heights
Jose Marti
led the fight for Cuba's independence from Spain from 1895 through the Spanish-American War
sold to US in the Treaty of Paris (along with the Philippines)
What were the two sides of America?
imperialist v.s. isolationist
Joseph Pulitzer
publisher of "new York World" who used yellow journalism, was very critical of the Spanish
General Valeriano Weyler
A Spanish general who was sent to crush the Cuban revolt. By using "brutal" methods, he caused uproar in the United States, who called for immediate action to help the Cubans.
1. Reason for Spanish American War
1. Protection of American business interest in Cuba
Spain after the war
gave up all claims to Cuba, cede Puerto Rico to the US, turn over Philippines to US
3. Reason for Spanish American War
3. Rising tension as a result of sinking of USS Maine in Havana Harbor
what did America get from the peace treaty they signed with Spain
-gave Cuba its independence, we got Puerto Rico and Guam and Philippenes
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