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la reina
to overthrow
el terrateniente
to support
to abdicate
to address
to follow
los republicanos
Nationalists capture Barcelona
entrar (to enter)
el levantamiento
la rebelion
Malaga captured by Nationalists.
Labor Charter- mutual obligations
apoyar a los republicanos
Abortive miners' revolution in Asturias.
Ramon franco
francisco's brother, attempted fratricide
20 de noviembre 1975
Franco murio
Franco proclaimed head of Nationalist armies, government and state.
Gen. Miguel Primo de Rivera- disintegration
International Brigades
The International Brigades (Spanish: Brigadas Internacionales) were military units made up of anti-fascist volunteers from different countries, who traveled to Spain to defend the Second Spanish Republic in the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1939. The first brigades were composed mostly of French, Belgian, Italian, and German volunteers, backed by a sizeable contingent of Polish miners from Northern France and Belgium.
los nacionalistas
los monarquicos, los terratienientes, la aristocracia, los consenadores, los tradicionalistas, Francisco Franco, la iglesia, los militares
When General elections were held in 1936 who was elected prime minister
Who ruthlessly destroyed the Coal miners strike?
General Franco
Monarquia absoluta
preferred by Alfonso XIII de Borbon
someone who seeks radical social and economic change in the direction of greater equality
The Nationalists were a coalition of all rightist forces (those who approved of the military coup in 1936). They were composed of the Carlists, Monarchists, and Falange, as well as the Spanish Army. Although they had different ideals they all favored some form of authoritarian government. The Nationalists recieved extensive foriegn aid, particularily from Nazi Germany. The Nationalists won the Spanish Civil War.
Francisco Franco era el dictador de espana casi cuarenta anos. Treinta y seis, exactamente
When did Britain and France recognize Franco as a legitimate government
February 1939
el fascismo
un sistema con dictador con poder absoluto y uso opresión
28 de marzo de 1939
Francos troops take Madrid.
coup d'etat
the sudden overthrow of a government by a usually small group of persons in or previously in positions of authority
The UGT (Union General de Trabajadores) and the CNT (Confederacion Nacional de Trabajos) were two trade unions and part of the popular front. The UGT was socialist while the CNT was anarcho-syndicalist. Although they were both part of the popular front, the UGT and CNT were rivals, and instances of violence between UGT and CNT members were recorded during the spanish civil war (Such as the assassination of Desiderio Trillas the head of the UGT dockers who was shot down by a group of CNT members because he had prevented them from receiving work several years earlier.)
la huelga
el timepo que uno sin trabajar voluntariamente
What happened to Catalonia?
The republic gave them more freedom
Feb 16, 1936
Date of the important Spanish General Election. All 478 Seats in the Cortes Generales (representative body of government) were up. The Popular Front got 263 seats, the nationalists got 156 seats, and the center parties got 59 seats, meaning that the Popular front won the election. The Nationalists, unhappy with these results later started a coup which turned into a full blown civil war.
October 5, 1935
POUM was formed as a communist opposition to Stalinism in 1935 by Andreu Nin and Joaquín Maurín, being heavily influenced by the thinking of Trotsky, in particular his Permanent Revolution thesis. The party was larger than the official Communist Party of Spain (PCE) (and its wing, the Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia, PSUC) in Catalonia and theValencian Community. It was highly critical of the Popular Front strategy advocated by Joseph Stalin and the Comintern. However, they did take part in the Spanish Popular Front initiated by the leader of Acción Republicana, Manuel Azaña. The POUM tried to implement some of its radical policies as part of the Popular Front government, but these were resisted by the more moderate factions. The political disagreement would cause Nin to leave the government. During the Civil War the party began to grow in popularity and, alongside the anarchistConfederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), commanded the support of most of the proletariat in the zone not controlled by Francisco Franco's forces during the war. The British authorGeorge Orwell fought alongside members of the Independent Labour Party as part of the POUM militias, an experience recounted vividly in his book Homage to Catalonia. Likewise, the film Land and Freedom, directed by Ken Loach, tells of a group of POUM soldiers fighting in the war from the perspective of a British member of the British Communist Party, and deals in particular with his disillusionment with Soviet Union policy in the war.
el liberalismo
una filosofia que mira a la libertad de individuo
Who internationally did the Nationalists rely on
Hitler and 50,000 volunteers from Italy
la monarquia constitucional
una monarquia limitada por leyes y una constitucion
constitutional monarchy
Who were the republicans not supported by?
Wealthy, Monarchists, Catholic Church, and Army
22 de noviembre de 1975
Don Juan Carlos becomes king of spain
July 1921, Morocco defeat
The defeat of the Spanish Army at Annual in July of 1921 in Morocco was a terrible failure of the Army of Africa. The Spanish Army was laying siege to the city of Annual in Morocco when the Riffi forces counterattacked and killed over 20,000 Spanish troops and captured guns and cannons and supplies with only 3,000 men. It was a terrible defeat of the Army of Africa and the blame was placed on the king, Alfonso XIII.
What was the bombing of Guernica?
In april 1937, franco called hitler and asked him to bomb this town to test out bombing by air.
17 de julio de 1936
hay un levanto en armas en Marruecos contra la Republica. El leader de los rebeldes es Francisco Franco.
Why was the bombing of Guernica significant?
Because it was the first city to be bombed by air in war
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