Spanish-American War Flashcards

Terms Definitions
An extreme patriotism
international affairs
affairs between nations
minila bay
only one american died
persons opposed to U.S. expansion
Mckinley wanted their independence and a peaceful solution.
yellow journalism
sensational and biased news reporting
Mckinley was the first ___ President
platt amendment
us added rules to cubas government
Filipean Fighting
When leader Emilio Aguinaldo stated they were a republic, the U.S. ignored him. War broke out, and 4,200 Americans were killed, 2,800 were wounded. However, Americans killed about 200,000 of their civilians. Occasional fighting continued for years but they didn't gain independence until 1946.
during his presidency, the united states and mexico came close to war
woodrow wilson
for what nation did emilio aguinaldo fight
Roosevelt became the leading voice for this belief
The leader of the expeditionary force was General __.
who was elected president in 1912?
Woodrow Wilson
Queen Liliuokalani
was against the U.S. having control over the islands. was removed from power for her beliefs.
After the treaty of Paris was signed, we recieved Guam in 1898.
In 1887, u.s. military and economic leaders pressure hawaii to allow the united states to build a naval base at _____.
Pearl harbor
which nation was directly affected by the foraker act
puerto rico
Helped push the country to the brink of war
Rough Riders
Group of volunteers led by Teddy Roosevelt who helped win an important battle
Rough Riders-
- flamboyant mix of cowboys, miners, and law officers amobg American troops advancing toward Santiago
- commanded by Colonel Leonard Wood
The _______ _________ is part of the Cuban constitution
Platt Amendment
Teller Amendment
Promised that the U.S. would not annex Cuba.
Big Stick Diplomacy
Roosevelt's belief that the US should respond to foreign crisis not by threats but by military action
Tensions over Cuba
By the 1890's Cuba wants independence and Spain tries to crush this.
known as the big stick diplomacy this policy stat that diorder in latin america could force the united states to send its military into latin america nations to protect american economic interests
roosvelt corollary
The Battle of Manila Bay was one of the most decisive Naval ___ in history
By the end of the Spanish American War most of the Spanish Naval fleet had been _______________.
he led american forces into mexico in pursuit of a mexican revolutionary
john j. pershins
This country lost a lot of power as a result of the Spanish American war.
San Juan Hieghts
The hill that was needed to be taken to complete the American campaigne in Cuba.
Who was george Dewy?
A commadore who gave the command to open fire on the spanish fleet at manilla, the phillipine capitol.
The Battle of San Juan Hill
The important battle where the Rough Riders were victorious.
what did the organized cuban resistance against spain do?
they provoked the US hoping to cause them to interfere and help rebels achieve a free cuba.
negotiation between nations
little rain in the face
The president during this time
Americans became dependent on their sugar and they leased Pearl Harbor to the U.S. as a fueling and repair station for naval vessels.
Jose Marti
led Cubans against Spanish rule
Stronger nations taking over weaker nations
a country whos affairs are partially controlled by a stronger power
its criticism of the american president caused american resentment toward spain to turn to outrage
dehome letter
fighting in cuba
american uniforms unsuitable for cuba's climate, naval blockade of cub
Roosevelt ordered Dewey in the event of the war to take it here to avoid war.
The first battle of the Spanish American War was fought here.
US Investment
US capitalists invested millions in sugar can farms in Cuba
Seward's Folley
When Secretary of State Seward baught Alaska from the Russians.
american troops wre sent into mexico to try to capture this mexican revolutionary leader
pancho villa
naval commander who led the american forces that steamed into manila bay and destroyed the spanish fleet
george dewey
The Revolutionary War
Many Americans were sympathetic to Cuba because they had fought for their independence from England in what war.
This is how _____ got ______ _____
US, Puerto Rico
Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
gave the U.S. permanent territory of a 10-mile wide strip of land for a Canal Zone. The Panamanians received $10 million.
Havana Harbor
the harbor where the USS Maine was sailing into when it exploded
U.S.S. Maine
Explosion of this in February 15, 1898 causing 260 sailors to die.
the panama canal was built during his presidency
teddy roosvelt
Naval Power is limited to what it can do on ___.
Guam, Puerto Rico, Phillipines
The three territories the United States gained control of after the Spanish American War.
battle of san juan hill
first battle in cuba. roosevelt hero.
tthree countriwes that came under some form of us control of the spanish american war
cuba philipines puerto rice
What is yellow journalism?
A style of writing which exagerates thews to lure and enrage readers.
What was included in the de Lome letter?
Criticism of president mckinley
Who is Jose Marti?
a cuban poet and journalist in exile in New York. Marti organized the resistance against Spain.
Who is Valeriano Weyler?
Weyler sent cuba to restore order as a response to the cuban rebellion. He tried to crush the rebellion by putting the rural population of central and western cuba in concentration camps.
the rapid growth of industry in the united states helped fuel imperialism because
the united states was producing to much goods for its own people
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