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round arch
Greek cross
exactly perpendicular; vertical
Bauhaus: Weimar
Walter Gropius
to stand out
Neolithic, England, megalithic monument
Experience Music Project (Seattle
Roman Era
146 BC-476 AD
Royal Palace, Knossos. Crete. Minoan.
Nikolaus Pevsner
Outline of European Architecture (1943)
Point Load
Has weight unevenly distributed
Borromini, Sant'Ivo della Sapienza, Rome (1640)
Frank Lloyd Wright
Bear Run, Pennsylvania - 20th century
Temple complex of Khafre
2520 BC
City Hall
Kallman, McKinnell, and Knowles
Boston, Massachusetts
Downtown is center, balcony is where council chamber and mayor office is. Arcade at bottom to see through stairs in lobby to chamer. Literally seeing something we know
usually refers to the site characteristics such as contour of the land, trees, and other natural features
To live forever; gods were this
Intramurial Burial
inside the house
Catal Huyuk
Family members
used for several generations
Pan Am Building (New York City)
Ferde Grofe
who wrote Grand Canyon Suite?
Adolf Loos, Josephine Baker House, unbuilt (1920)
artistic part of film. visually stunning
20-16 BC
dates of Pont du Gard
Masonry made of large square-cut stones, typically used as a facing on walls of brick or stone.
how columns were put together. fitted together to not be damaged by hurricanes
Rectangular mass with the short end facing the street. Has a short porch. Natural colors
ribbed vault
protruding masonry resulting from a groin vault
Citadel of Sargon II
Khorsabad (Dur Sharrukin)
720 BCE
Walled city, gates guarded by human-headed winged bulls (lamassu)
Buildings arranged around central courts
Palace, throne room, public halls, private quarters
MATERIALS: stone foundation, mudbrick
-relief sculptures around doorways and in important rooms
Humanitarian/Behaviorist approach
Quantifying when and where it fails/succeeds, making lists, doesn't take poetics into consideration
physiographic section
What are the Mississippi river Embankment and the alluvial plain examples of?
Le Vau and Mansart, Palace at Versailles, Versailles (1660)
female sculpture. dorian peplos is a gown
relating to or characterized by hue; having the capacity to separate spectral color by refraction
Mies Van Der Rohe, Lake Shore Apartments, Chicago, 1948
Piazza of St. Peter's
Bernini; Baroque; 17th century
Sant' Apollinare
WHO: Justinian had it built when Ravenna became Byzantine outpost
WHAT: Byzantine church whose architecture imitated the late Roman styles
WHEN: Late 5th/early 6th century. Dedicated in 549.
WHERE: Located in Classe app. 3 mi from Ravenna
WHY: Ravenna had become the capital city where Western emperors ruled beginning around 404
chicago window
It is a three-part window consisting of a large fixed center panel flanked by two smaller double-hung sash windows. The arrangement of windows on the facade typically creates a grid pattern, with some projecting out from the facade forming bay windows.
arches are jointed at the tope and legs to from a circle, expansive, free space inside a structures, base can be circular or angled
Post and Lintel
a structure consisting of vertical beams (posts) supporting a horizontal beam (lintel)
the enclosing frame around a door or window opening
James Bryce
What author delivered a series of addresses on national parks before the American Civics association? (The need for our future)
Delian League
people who gathered tax from all Greeks and kept it on Delos. Leftover money was used to build Parthenon.
the perceived wight or density of an object or area
Stonehenge II
2500 BCE, 80 bluestones from dolerite and rhyolite mountains, 4 station stones mark winter moon rise/set. Amesbury archer.
Flying Buttress
a buttress slanting from a separate pier, typically forming an arch with the wall it supports.
Fire stop
a solid, tight closure of a concealed space, placed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through such a space. in a frame wall, this will usually consist of 2x4 cross blocking between studs.
Ward Willits House, Frank Lloyd Wright
Highland Park, IL, 1902
Annie Dillard
Who said "when the muskrat went under the bridge, I moved"?
A method of covering an area with a roof or ceiling, based on the principle of the arch
Post/ Beam / Frame
Not known Structural forms using trabeated geometry
Ecole des Beaux Arts
Parity- A basic scheme. Mosaic-A grid. Marche-Movement through a building. a school that taught eclecticism
north of the sierra nevada province
The cascades are located where?
Bearing Wall
Wall that bears a load resting upon it by conducting its weight to a foundation structure. Materials often used were concret, block, or brick.
John James Audubon, with John Bachman
Who wrote "Quadrupeds of North America"?
bass relief structures in palace of persepolis
Xerxes I the great. represent gods, armies, territories
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