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Florence Cathedral
Lascaux Cave
Mortice and tenon
Archaic Era
800-600 BC
A convex roof.
Cloud-Hanger project, El Lissitzky
Labrouste, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris (1860)
Creates significance through hierarchy. Important elements appear dominant.
skyscraper technology
elevator, fireproofing, steel frame.
Coney Island
New York, began 1880s
piedmont province
whats the shaded region?
Piranesi, Carceri d'Invenzione, Series of etchings (1750)
final unraveling of the plot
2nd Greek Period; 500-323 BC
Wainwright Building
Sullivan; Skyscraper; 19th century
general principle of the column. optical device. makes the column look straight
made skyscrappers possible. the metal was protected from frie by tile cladding or concrete/plaster called terracotta.
Le Corbusier
Swiss Architect
'Villa Savoy' (1924)
''The house is a machine for living'.
5 Points of the New Architecture:
1. Pilotis - lifting building up above the ground on columns.
2. Ribbon Windows - unobstructed view of the horizon.
3. Free Facade - Separation of Structure and Enclosure.
4. Free Plan - Spaces, not rooms.
5. Rooftop Garden.
Combine elements that aren't typically combined. Break relationships to form new ones.
Piedmont/coastal plain
Fall line seperates what provinces?
L'Enfant, Plan for Washington D.C. (1790)
redoing all the streets in Paris
a rendering technique that simulates varying degrees of solidity of shading on the surface of an object by using small dots
Stonehenge III
2000BCE, bluestones removed, sarsen circle (30), trilithon horseshoe (5), bluestones reerected. Complex jointing.
Notre Dame de Chartres
Gothic; 12th-13th century
the supporting portion of a structure below the first floor construction, or below grade, including the footings
row of columns, each set equidistant apart
Casa del Fascio, Giuseppe Terragni
Como, Italy, 1932-36
centered in Roman Circus, had lap counters and Obelisk (from Amen Ra)
half timbering
exposed wood framing with spaces between the wooden timbers are filled with plaster, brick, or stone
when was the grand canyon set aside?
literally, the French word for the "little cart," used in the Ecole des Beaux Arts, to collect preliminary designs or Esquisse. In architecture schools, it has come to mean the period of time you work intensely and go without sleep before a project is due. It has also become a verb, for architecture students, e.g. "I am charretting and haven't slept for 3 days."
rectangular floor plan that is empty. no hallways or extra rooms
Cast Iron
Produced cheaply and in large quantities used in large building projects.
Reprtition of decorative motif on a serface
a monumental gateway to an ancient Egyptian temple formed by two truncated pyramidal towers.
Casement window
a hinged window, usually metal, that opens out
doric column
placed directly on the stylobate with no base
Fargus Factory
By Walter Gropius. Celebration of the Industrial Revolution.
New Materials - Steel and Glass.
Measures of Faith
Humble, we admit that there's something larger than ourselves at stake, earth was here long before human activity.
Interior Department
What department was the Fish and Wildlife Service in?
Vignola and Della Porta, Il Gesu, Rome (1570)
dom-ino construction
Le Corbusier. This model proposed an open floor plan consisting of concrete slabs supported by a minimal number of thin, reinforced concrete columns around the edges, with a stairway providing access to each level on one side of the floor plan.
Middle Kingdom; 2040-1640 BC
2nd period of egyptian culture
the part of an entablature between the architrave and the cornice.
Notre Dame de Reims
Gothic, French, 14th cen, flamboyant, coronation cathedral
a force applied to a structure by the environment or by any object (including the structure itself or other structures)
form or match cut
transition of scenes using different objects. most likely a circle
The area set crosswise to the nave in a cruciform.
Peripteral Temple
a single row of pillars on all sides
4 translation strategies from biology to architecture
Mimicking form, method, performance and behavior
Bernard De Voto
Who sat in the "easy chair" in harper's magazine?
Arts and Crafts movement
Considering the machine to be the root cause of all repetitive and mundane evils, some of the protagonists of this movement turned entirely away from the use of machines and towards handcraft, which tended to concentrate their productions in the hands of sensitive but well-heeled patrons.
Erechtheion, Athens, Greece
Not known Greek Shrine to a number of deities, Female Column Order
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