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trefoil arch
Guaranty Building
Hagia Sophia. Byzantine.
form follows function
Persepolis, palace
518-460 BC
Louis Kahn
National Assembly Building
Tension occurs at the
The Golden Mean Proportion
Doge's Palace
Unknown Architect
Venice, Italy
Building meaning over centuries. Venice was wealthy trading port, palace for Dove (leader of govt). Tower, balconies, arcade, courtyard, and stair established meaning.
where two parts come together
3 Greek Orders
Doric, Ionic, Corinthian
Guarini, Santissima Sindone, Turin (1670)
Horta, Hotel Tassel, Brussels (1890)
An upright support, usually cylindrical, for a roof or the upper part of a building
Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson Grid, 1780
History Faculty
James Sterling
Cambridge, England
Use for history department, library is central focus, high ceiling, natural lighting, flow from stacks to study area. Public functions at bottom and private at top. Community and convenience
Key way
groove in the foundation wall
High Classical Greece, Athens, 400bce, Parthenon, Propalyia, Erechtheon, Athena Nike
Yuba City, hexagon plan
Northern California, 1940
Strong concepts and data. Drawn, modeled, spoken. Demonstrates spaces and relationships between them
Harriet Monroe
Who wrote "Two Yosemite Poems"?
Piranesi, Il Campo Marzio dell'Antica Roma, Series of etchings (1780)
Deux ex Machina
means god in machine
Established protestantism, began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church.
Horizontal Cut
Few feet off the floor
used for schools, markets, law places, etc. multi-functional. line the agora
The Louvre
Paris 12th Century
Formerly a palace, now an art museum
Houses a vast collection begun by Napoleon
Reworked many times
1993- Glass pyramid added by Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei
is the lowest section of the entablature (horizontal member), immediately above the capital of a column.
First Church of Christ Scientist, Bernard Maybeck
Berkeley, 1910
Two alternative interpretations of program
Avoidance and adherence
Annie Dillard
Who wrote "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek"?
Case Study House Program
bring modern to popular
John Entenza
A rectangular courtyard along the side of a medieval church that provides a sheltered walkway; sometimes a residence for people in religious orders
architect of the temple of apollo epicurius at bassai
How we perceive the difference between things.
mesopotamia meaning
land between the rivers (euphrates & tigris)
in stairs, the vertical height of a step or flight of stairs
A triangular gable forming the end of the roof slope over a portico (porchlike area); or a similar form used decoratively over a doorway or window
residence of a deity, also the place where worshippers awaited the epiphany of the deity
Romanesque revival
style of architecture for Art Academy building
Howard Eaton
Who did Mary Rhinehart ride through the rockies with?
The relationship of the size of a building to the human form
bentwood furniture
term used to describe furniture made by steaming wood, bending it, and letting it harden into curved shapes and patterns, and is most often used in the production of rocking chairs, cafe chairs, and other light furniture
Alphonse Mucha
A Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist
the central part of a church building, intended to accommodate most of the congregation.
Platform framing
a system of framing a building in which floor joists of each story rest on the top plates of the story below or on the foundation sill for the first story, and the bearing walls and partitions rest on the sub floor of each story.
Psychological Function
i.e. a hospital emergency room is a place where most people experience anxiety, so an architect might create a restful, domestic atmosphere like that of a home living room, with a view to an enclosed garden, rather than an antiseptic, clinical atmosphere. Defined as the optimum satisfaction of all the types of function described. Kahn and Salk laboratories.
bed molding
wood trim used in cornice design and where walls and ceilings meet
Sant Ivo all Sapienza
1642- 50: Borromini- Dome, curved facade, lantern
A painting that is applied to a wall surface
feathers, hair and beard in babylon
stylized, conveying strength of monarch
within both gravity and environmental loads, there are three types:
Transverse loading, axial loading, torsional loading
Sant' Andrea della Fratte
1653- 65- Borromini's dome and bell tower (campanile) Dome, Curved facade, lantern/ tower
Measures of Control
ways that we try to posses, occupy and control, manipulate the land. the way we try to change it from its natural state by over-powering it
The Truss gets its strength from
the rigid shape of the triangle.
Ex. Thorncrown Chapel (1980)
E. Fay Jones, Architect
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