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Terms Definitions
A storyteller
The British national legislature.
Hiram revels
first African American senator
when was the constitutional convention
in 1787
Who made hinduism the official language?
a market selling different kinds of goods
pontiac's rebellion
Began when American Indians attacked British forts on the frontier in May 1763. Pontiac surrendered in 1766 as more Indians left.
Actions or processes that involve the entire world and result in making something worldwide in scope
Greek gathering place. This was where you heard all the gossip, heard the news, and talked to friends.
What are Earth's largest bodies of water called?
a good brought into one country to another
Members of a religious group known for its strict beliefs
mark twain
United States writer and humorist best known for his novels about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (1835-1910)
Under which theme would "moving to a new neighborhood" fall?
Bonus Army
congress promised to give each vet of WWII a $1,000 bonus in 1945
Rutherford b Hayes
19th president of the united states, was famous for being part of the Hayes-Tilden election in which electoral votes were contested in 4 states, most corrupt election in US history
What is a trench?
Deep canyon at bottom of ocean
Freedmens Bureau
Set up to help former slaves adjust to their freedom (2 words),
What accomplishment of the Inca civilization do you think was the most important in enabling it to become the largest empire in the Americas?
The accomplishments of the Incan civilization that enabled to become the largest empire in the Americas was the Inca's extensive raid system that enables them to trade and to move their armies long distances over difficult terrain.
Bhagavad Gita or "Song of the Lord"
What was important in Indian literature?
Civil Rights Act of 1875
The Civil Rights Act of 1875 (18 Stat. 335) was a United States federal law proposed by Republican Senator Charles Sumner and Republican Congressman Benjamin F. Butler in 1870
What are faults and how do they cause earthquakes?
Cracks that shift along plates and collide or pull apart
rosado, rosada
John Adams
2nd president
separating Lānaʻi and Molokaʻi.
Ototoxicity, renal toxicity, n/v
what book parellels with ezra
applaud; announce with great approval
Covalent Bonds
two atoms share electrons
any opinion, principle, doctrine, dogma, etc., esp. one held as true by members of a profession, group, or movement.
a dictator who exercises tremendous control over citizens' lives
abrupt transition from light to dark.
useful data that influences choices and behaviorsCharacteristics-Accurate, Reliable, Valid, Complete, Sufficent, Relevant, Timely, AvailableCostAcquisition Cost - cost of obtaining data that you don’t haveProcessing Cost - cost of turning raw data into usable informationStorage Cost - cost of physically or electronically archiving information for later use and retrievalRetrieval Cost - cost of accessing already stored and processed informationCommunication Costs - cost of transmitting information from one place to another
The police officer accepts free \"gifts\" such as cigarettes, liquor, or services in return for favorable treatment of the gift giver
Greek philosopher: pupil of Plato; tutor of Alexander the Great.
exclusion from the rights of church membership
a religious person that tries to convert others to their religion
Inability to sit on train
Homer Plessy case
central opening of the iris Regulates the amount of light entering the eye during: Close vision and bright light – constrict Distant vision and dim light – dilate Changes in emotional state – dilate when the subject matter is appealing or requires problem-solving skills
Paste Options button
The ____________________ displays when you drag-and-drop text and allows you to change the format of the text that was moved.
Describe Luke's life
Close companion of Paul.
From Antioch of Syria. 
A physician. 
He stayed stayed with Paul during his imprisonment. 
Only gentile author
What are three types of genetic recombination?
deliverance from the power and penalty of sin; redemption.
Kinship Terminology
An ego-centered system of terms that specifies genealogical relationships to one individual
Permian-Triassic mass extinction
The largest mass extinction was what?
Who did the Magna Carta guarantee to give certain rights to?
Sun Belt
A region of the U.S. generally considered to stretch across the South and Soouthwest.
When the text color is Automatic, it usually is ____.
Beta error
hypothetical value of a parameter is the same as the observed value of a parameter
1. Theory of gradual differentiation: born with general positive (contentment) or negative (distress) reactions. Gradually differentiate over 1st 2 yrs of life (distress -> sadness or anger). Discontinuous view.2. Differential emotions theory: adult-li
6 basic emotions
Avulsion of the patellar tendon at the tibial tuberosity
Motor unit
Cells that are innervated by branches from the same neuron and will contract at the same time. Small numbers of cells per motor unit have around 10 cells and are typical of fast acting postural muscles. Examples: muscles of the eye and small lumbrincals
New Jersey Plan
a plan for establishing a one-house legislature in which each state would have an equal vote.
The Enlightenment
Movement in Europe & America in 1700s that analyzed ideas/institutions using human reason
To resize a chart, you can drag the chart’s sizing handles.
Absolute density
Ratio of mass of an object measured in a vacuum at specific temp to vol (ml) of an object at the same temp
conditioned taste aversion
a taste associated with nausea is avoided in the future
Public Policy
A course of action or inaction chosen by public authorities to address a given problem or interrelated set of problems
Who inspired an 'anybody can be a rock star' ethic to 60s rock?
Bob Dylan
Text Direction
Use the ____ button on the Layout tab to display text vertically in a cell.
Definition of crime
Act that violates criminal law and is punishable by criminal sanctions; punishable by criminal law, considered an offense against society as a whole, punishable by statutorily determined sanctions that bring about the loss of personal freedom or life
BC Court of Appeal
The highest appellate court in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The BCCA hears appeals from the Supreme Court of British Columbia and a number of boards and tribunals. The BCCA also hears criminal appeals from the Provincial Court of British Colu
What is part of the complete mailing address that should appear on a letterhead ? (4 things)
-Postal Code
-Room & suite number
type of correlation coefficient used to correlate a dichotomous variable (two categories) and a continuous variable
biseral (point biserial is true dichotomous)
A large telephone company has hired lobbyists to try to persuade lawmakers to reduce governmental regulation over the telecommunications industry. Why might the company do this?
some regulations are costly to implement and cut into profits
Know that the Crab Nebula confirmed pulsars are neutron stars and how It confirmed it
It confirmed it by emitting consistent radio signals.
examples of the pattern numbers in america
food - brkst lunch dinner, 3 courses, 3 utensils
What are the 4 nucleic acid bases for DNA?
A, G, C, and Tnumber of bonds between bases shows how many hydrogen bonds they sharemore hydrogen bonds DNA has, the more stable the molecule
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