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A round window.
A semicircular; polygonal, or rectangular extension at the end of a Roman basilica or a Christian church.
Ornamental intersecting stonework in Gothic windows, panels, and screens of Gothic buildings; also used on the surface of late Gothic vaults.
Villa Rotonda
Vincenza, Italy 1566 Palladio
Palazzo Medici
Florence, Italy 1445 Michelozzo
S. Satiro
Milan, Italy 1482 Bramante
The triangular area between adjoining arches, or the triangular area nest to a single arch.
Barrel Vault
A half-cylindrical vault, semicircular or pointed in cross section; also called tunnel vault.
Pilier Cantonné
In medieval architecture, the combination of a simple monocylindrical support and engaged colonnettes rising from floor to vault
St. Peter's Dome
Rome, Italy 1545 Michelangelo
St. Denis
Paris, France Early Gothic 1130-1144
S. Spirito
Florence, Italy Begun 1436 Brunelleschi
The cold room in a Roman bath.
The warm room in a Roman bath.
A semicircular recess or niche; a large apse.
Exeter Cathedral
Exeter, England Early English Gothic 1224-1244
St. Peter's (Original Plan)
Rome, Italy 1505 Bramante
an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters
Corinthian Order
The most richly embellished of the three orders developed by the Greeks, with a tall capital composed of a bell-shaped core enveloped by layers of acanthus leaves terminating in corner volutes, surmounted by a concave-sided abacus.
The area where the nave and transept intersect in a cruciform church, frequently surmounted by a tower or dome.
A small arch, or sometimes a lintel, thrown across the angle of a square or polygon to make them more nearly round and thus able to receive the circular base of a dome or drum.
A series of arches supported on piers or columns. A "blind" arcade is a row of arches applied to the wall as an ornamental feature.
Stone carving of a male figure, used as a column to support the entablature of a Greek or Greek-style building.
A colonnaded porch in front of the facade of a church, in early Christian architecture often serving as the fourth side of an atrium; also a transverse vestibule preceding the church nave and aisles.
An arcaded wall passage in a Gothic nave wall, between the clerestory and the main arcade in a three-story elevation; in a four-story elevation, it appears between the gallery and the clerestory
The design and placement of windows in a building
The central voussoir at the top of a completed arch.
Groin Vault
A vault formed when two barrel vaults of identical size intersect at right angles (aka cross vault)
Tuscan Order
Developed by the Romans from the Greek Doric, it stands on a base, has an unfluted shaft, and its capital is a reductive version of the prototype
quadripartite rib vault
a rib vault which is divided into four sections by two diagonal ribs
to withdraw
The American Colonization Society helped to transport blacks from the United States to
majority group in rwanda;massacred tutsis
After 1852, the "Know-Nothings" created a new political organization called the
American Party.
Name given to the special investigations committee established along with CREEP in 1971. Its job was to stop the leaking of confidential information to the public and press.
Bill gates
United States computer entrepreneur whose software company made him the youngest multi-billionaire in the history of the United States (born in 1955)
benjamin netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel (1996-1999?)
a Soviet policy permitting open discussion of political and social issues and freer dissemination of news and information
Andrew Carnegie
United States industrialist and philanthropist who endowed education and public libraries and research trusts (1835-1919)
The Lancaster Pike was a road partially financed by the state of
The policy expressed in the Monroe Doctrine was principally directed at
shah pahlavi
Iran's leader after WWII, embraced western oil companies, people got mad at him for going against tradition, Shah
salt 1
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, a plan to limit nuclear arms and also increased trade and exchange of scientific information.
Young americans in 60s who rejected conventional customs & mainstream culture
geneva accords
agreement that divided Vietnam into North and South
people who speak out against the government
A Nicaraguan rebel group that got financial support from the CIA. This group was formed as a response to the overthrowing of Anastazio Somoza Debayle
A policy of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to revitalize the Soviet economy by opening it up to more free enterprise
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
First federal action against monopolies, it was signed into law by Harrison and was extensively used by Theodore Roosevelt for trust-busting. However, it was initially misused against labor unions
Political Parties
organization that tries to influence gov. policy by promoting its ideas and backing candidates for office
What did 1850's Nativists believe
Americans must Rule America
Kansas-Nebraska Act
(1854), Extend the railroads, two new territories would be formed and slavery would be decided by popular sovereignty, which undid the Missouri Compromise.
The growth of commerce and industry allowed more Americans the chance to become prosperous without
owning land.
The Massachusetts reformer who built a national movement for new methods of treating the criminally ill was
Dorothea Dix.
In the 1840s, regional critics of President James K. Polk claimed his policies favored
the South.
The main staple crop of the Old Northwest (today's Midwest) was
Fall of Saigon
battle where North Vietnam captured capital of South Vietnam and named it Ho Chi Mihn City
Hillary clinton
first lady of bill clinton, senator for new york, closest a woman has come to presidential candidate
a serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles
george wallace
racist gov. of Alabama in 1962 ("segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever"); runs for pres. In 1968 on American Independent Party ticket of racism and law and order, loses to Nixon; runs in 1972 but gets shot
John D. Rockefeller
Was an American industrialist and philanthropist. Revolutionized the petroleum industry and defined the structure of modern philanthropy.
How did the Union Army fill its ranks prior to 1863
popular sovereingty
meant that the people in the territory or state would vote to decide whether or not that state or territory would be slave or free.
In general, slaves had more privacy and a social realm of their own
on large plantations
Before 1860, the largest single group of arriving Irish immigrants was
young, single women
slobodan milosevic
President of Serbia from 1989 to 1997 and of Yugoslavia 1997 to 2000. A key figure in the ethnic conflicts in the Balkans in the 1900's.
new right
a response to the liberalism of the 1960's, against affirmative action, abortion, feminism,
The American System
The three-part plan developed by Henry Clay that stressed a strong banking system, protective tariffs, and a network of roads and canals. Clay's plan was essential in developing a profitable home market. This home market enabled America to become a self-sufficient, isolated country,
What kept the Reconstruction state gov functioning
Military reconstruction, scalawags, carpet baggers
Roger Taney
He was the Chief Justice in the case of Dred Scott and he ruled that Scott was not free because he didn't even have the right to be standing in his courtroom in the first place.
Politically, the Confederate constitution
was almost identical in many respects to the Constitution of the United States.
In McCullough v. Maryland (1819), the Supreme Court confirmed the
"implied powers" of Congress.
voodoo economics
A slanderous term used by George H. W. Bush in reference to President Ronald Reagan's economic policies, which came to be known as "Reaganomics".
Marbury vs. Madison
Case in which the supreme court first asserted th power of Judicial review in finding that the congressional statue expanding the Court's original jurisdiction was unconstitutional
Who opened Japan to western trade
Pres Millard Fillmore dispatched war ships commanded by Mathew C. Perry
Why was the Battle of Antietam critical for both the North and South
Most decisive; needed emancipation: prilimanary Emancipation Proclamation
In 1836, President Andrew Jackson's "specie circular"
resulted in a severe financial panic.
The Supreme Court ruling in Charles River Bridge Company v. Warren Bridge Company (1837)
reflected Jacksonian ideas of democracy and economic opportunity
Massacre at Wounded Knee
a massacre in 1890 that started when Sioux left the reservation in protest because of the death of Sitting Bull. The US army killed 150 sioux at wounded knee; last major incident in the great plains
Why did France withdraw from Mexico
Napoleon was gambling, that the Union would collapse, but when shooting stopped and North prepared to march South he realized his gamble was doomed
Before the early 1850s, Americans who traveled west on the overland trails were generally
relatively young people who traveled in family groups
By 1860, the textile manufacturing sector of the American South
had increased threefold in value over the previous twenty years
iran hostage crisis
the Shah of Iran (a US ally) came to US after a revolution in Iran and armed students took 52 American hostages. (contributed to the defeat of Carter in 1980 election)
What was the purpose of the Lecompton Constitution
pro-slavery forces attempted to bring Kansas into Union under this trickey document; vote arranged so that it was impossible to prohibit all black bondage and still obtain statehood
During the Civil War, as a result of new technology in weapons
attention to defensive fortifications increased.
In the 1840s, abolitionists in the United States constituted
a small percentage of the national population.
The Supreme Court ruled in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (1831)
that Georgia had no authority to remove the Cherokee tribes
What was Lincoln's military strategy at the beginning of the Civil War
90 days of war, attack on a smaller Confederate forces at Bull Run; show superiority of Union arms and lead to capture of Richmond
The conditions of a slave's life
depended in part on the size of the plantation.
What was General Sherman's theory of War
To attack home of the South and weaken morale; hated Blue Bellies; practiononer of Total War
Prior to 1860, the center of economic power in the South
shifted from the upper South to the lower South.
In the 1820s, Whig support for the Anti-Mason Party demonstrated
the desire of the party to attract the largest possible number of voters.
anaranjado, anaranjada
light and dark
methylene group
a CH2 group
Overutilization /underutilization of drug, admin of meds at inappropriate times
the Lord comforts
nehimiahs name means
express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for
introduces tension, suspense, unstable sounds harsh to our ears
to express earnest disapproval of.
passes laws that interpret and reinterpret the constitution
Conceptual Perspective
creative division derived from imagination. Filled through personal viewpoint.
Measure of performance that indicates how many inputs it takes to produce or create an outputProductivity = Outputs/Inputs
showing partiality or prejudice in actions toward another
which country opposed communism and supported a democratic gov't form
2 (two)
How many sons did Abraham have?
what the French & English were fighting fo in the French & Indian War and was a major conflict between Native Americans and European colonists
People favoring born natives in a country
round window
The scala tympani terminates hereThe eardrum pushes against the ossicles, which presses fluid in the inner ear against the oval and
To increase a paragraph indent, use the _____ shortcut keys.
Parties to crime establishes when a person can be held liable for another persons crime
What are the three proteins involved in transport?
synoptic gospels
pertaining to or constituting a synopsis; affording or taking a general view of the principal parts of a subject.
Negative Reciprocity
Exchange conducted for the purpose of material advantage and the desire to get something for nothing
Cenozoic Era
Tertiary and Quaternary periods; 65 MY - present
enlightenment era-1600's/1700's
there is a reason to understanding universe, nature and human relations.
Urbanized area
The central city and the surrounding built-up suburbs.
A(n) ____ proposal is a proposal that offers solutions to a problem or improvements to a situation.
Cold sterilization
Removing 0.2 mcm or larger particles incl microorganisms from the solution
Visual attention: how baby processes information. Visual fixation: amount of time baby looks at an object.Phase 1: stimulus-detection reflex: awareness of change in envi. Phase 2: stimulus orienting: when babies attention become fixated on stimulus, heart
Development of memory
What is the other aspect?
Philosophical aspect involving weightier issues and themes
Muscle twitch
A single response to a single stimulus. The latent period is the period a few ms encompassing the chemical and physical events proceding actual contraction. The contraction phase is where the shortening of the sarcomeres and cells occurs.
Social Contract
the theory that people give up their individual sovereignty in exchange for peace and order provided by the state
Catherine the Great (ruled 1762-1796)
Russia, wanted to westerize Russia
Text that prints at the top of each page in a document
Class 1 C antiarry
Restricted only for life threatening arrh
systematic desensitization
to make a hierarchy of fears associate least feared items with relaxation response - work way up to the hierarchy until relax to the phobic item
Statute of Westminster
The 1931 British law that declared Canada and the other Dominions to be fully independant
Which styles did Bob Dylan influence?
Country Rock and Folk Rock
merge cells
Use the ____ button on the Layout tab to create a single cell that spans across several rows in a table.
Due process model
Places primacy on the right of the individual to be protected from the power of the government; the state must prove a person's guilt within the confines of a process designed to safeguard personal liberties as enumerated in the Bill of Rights
Reference Case
A case referred to the courts by a provincial or federal cabinet usually to obtain a ruling on the constitutionality of the law
You use the ___ to apply the shadow effect to text and to expand the spacing of text.
Font dialog box
example of a true dichotomous variable
gender - male/female or yes/no answers
types of stockout cost
cost when a company runs out of a product 2 kinds: transaction costs & the loss ofcustomers’ goodwill
How absorption spectra of stars and Doppler broadening are used to analyze what is in the interstellar medium
Look for narrow absorption lines to find interstellar medium gasses, narrower to find stars.
S/S and how we assess for Ascites?
Ascites a collection of fluid within the peritoneal cavity. The pt's abdomen may appear markedly distended, and a visible or palpable fluid wave may be evident during examination, with shifting dullness noted to percussion. Most typically seen with pt's with liver disease, but can be associated to underlying malignancy and, to a certain extent, with renal and cardiac insufficiency.
Quinn et al., 1993; Quinn
& Eimas, 1996 – infant categorization of cats and dogs

3 month old babies shown a sequence of pictures of cats are surprised when they see a picture of a dog indicating that they are sensitive tot he category of cats.
What is the growth rate in continuous culture?
dX/dt = (μ - D)*X where D is the dilution rate
Cisplatin toxicity
NOW GO FIND OUT!! thanksssss(: tons o help!
Rapidly rotating radio source
8 Influences of Culture


• Religion





Star pattern within a constellation
upon stimulation medullary cells secrete norepinephrine and epinephrine into the
what is precognition
percieving future events
Old Stone Age, including Lower (early), Middle, and Upper (late).
importance of prochlorococcus
useful for primary production
A person who lives by robbing
assumption generaliztion of a certain group of people once this is done its hard to get rid of, judge based on group
GNRH stimulates
FSH-Follicle stimulating hormone -> LH- lutenizing hormone
expressed in few words; concise; terse.
Second Degree
Aid's, counsels, enables, or commands crime
Present at time of crime
A refusal to buy good or services.
Includes hundreds of rules that tell Hindus of each castle how to live. The Vedas provided laws and duties this
basal plate
embryonic development of the spinal cord
will become motor neurons
The amount originally borrowed without the interest
the prinicipal
A US policy using military, economic, and diplomatic strategies to stall the spread of communism, enhance American's security and influence abroad and prevent a \"domino effect\"
admin diuretics, modify diet to restrict salt intake, VS, daily wt, I&O, breath sounds, location & extent of edema, 2lb wt gain in 24h indicates pt is retaining 1L of fluid,limit and ration fluid intake, high fowlers to ease breathing effort
to deprive (someone) of something, as by fraud, extortion, etc.; swindle.
perspective formula
a way to represent three dimensional spatial relationships of atoms using two adjacent solid lines, one solid wedge and one hatched wedge
Magna Carta
a document prepared by English nobles that granted certain rights to English citizens. forcibly signed by King John in 1215
This man helped start the first militia and the first volunteer fire department.
Benjamin Franklin
Descending (Motor) Pathways
deliver efferent impulses from the brain to the spinal cord, and are divided into two groups:

 Direct pathways equivalent to the pyramidal tracts

Indirect pathways, essentially all others involve two neurons (upper and lower)
a stanza is a paragraph in a poem.
A Tibetan Buddhist teacher; a title of honor often given to all Tibetan monks
Which period of pregnancy are babies most effected by drugs?
First trimester
In what direction is mRNA read?
5' to 3'
Fused sentence.
has no puncuation at all between the two complete thoughts
magmatic differentiation
A process by which rocks of varying composition can arise from a uniform parent magma. Various minerals crystallize at different temperatures, and the composition of the magma changes as it is depleted of the chemical elements withdrawn to make the crystallized minerals.
Evaluate the impact of the war on the home front and on the american culture. (Japanese Internment, Tuskegee airmen, Rosie the Riveter)
If you want to see the current margin settings, display the ruler and then hold down the ____ key while pointing to the margin boundary where the blue meets the white on the ruler.
US: taxes put on North American colonies by Parliament; Stamp Act (1765) required that government stamps be placed on every kind of American document; colonists were furious
The Stamp Acts
Enter your front text here.
Enter your back text here.
Women's Christian Temperance Union
meeting of women that advocated that alcohol was the cause of evil in all situations. Advocated for the rights of women to vote.
quality related product characteristics
Breakdown – occurs when a product quits working or doesn’t do what it was designed to doReliability-average time between breakdownsProduct failure – products can’t be repairedDurability-mean time to failureServicablilty-how easy or difficult it is to fix a product
Decimal Reduction Time (DRT)
Decimal Reduction Time (DRT) is the minutes to kill 90% of a population at a given temperature.
Old Testament, New Testament
What are the major divisions of the Bible?
Europe lost any economic gains made...
in the 10 years since WWI
golden hieghts and gaza strip
territories taken by israel in 1948 war
To properly dispose of a hypodermic needle, it should be:
placed in a puncture proof container.
What are the principal driving forces for the rock cycle?
solar heating - wind systems - internal earth heat - convection currents
1990''s war in the commonwealth of independent states...
erupted in the primarily muslim state of chechnya
Know the four basic types of tissues and their function and origin (4)
Nerve tissue to perceive stimuli and generate nerve impulses to various organs of the body.
Noah covenant
Joseph foreshadowing Exodus
Language of Old Testament
#9 Testament means _____________________
sacred writings
When did our church begin?
the science of studying material remains of past human life and activities
Means innocence; freedom from pretense or guile
#11 Any interpretation of the Bible must be attentive above all to what God wants to _________ through the sacred authors.
#20 Hebrew Scripture authors associate______________ ____with a time when the Israelites ____ God.
conventional warfare rejected
a binding and solemn agreement between human beings or between God and his people, holding each to a particular course of action
a term meaning "second canon"; books included in the Catholid Old Testament but not in the Hebrew Bible; these additions are 1 and 2 Maccabees, Judith, Tobit, Baruch, Sirach, Wisdom, and parts of Esther and Daniel
What did Christians in the eastern part of the empire see as a threat?
St. Dominic
Began another Religious group called the Dominicans, who focused on preaching. They were called mendicants because the supported themselves by begging
they were chosen to assist church leaders
#14 True or False: The Old Testament reveals the story of God’s relationship with His people. It was a relationship of ups and downs.
#8 God wished to destroy the earth with the flood because of ____________ and sin.
Following the Concordat of Worms, what were almost all popes?
Canon lawyers.
an official list of books belonging to the Bible, both the Old Testament and the New Testament
Officials who assist the pope or a bishop.
St. Francis
founded the Franciscan Order (a group of people committed to poverty.) He believed if you had to many material things you couldn’t focus on God
"#6 The _________________, that is the bishops in communion with the pope, and is responsible for “watching over and interpreting the Word of God.” The teaching authority of the Catholic Church is also responsible for deining the______________of a tra
" magesterium, validity"
#4 The Book of Exodus is the ___________ book of the ______________
second Pentateuch
3)The book of ________ portrays a picture of a united Israel all _______ tribes marching to war in order to conquer various territories in Canaan
Joshua twelve Canaan
Define excomunication.
When one can no longer participate in the sacramental life of the church.
Faithfulness to a person, to God, to a cause or ideal characterizes.
"#17 Prehistory ends with the _____________ story. After this comes the stories of __________________ and the patriarch, _______________. Through him, God would build a __________________, then a _____________ and blesses all generations to come."
"tower, ancestors, Abraham, family, nation"
Define Christianity and Christendom.
Christianity is the religion of the followers of Jesus Christ.
Christendom is the religion of the cultural world that came into existance during the high middle ages in Europe.
Which pope canonized more saints then any other pope?
Pope John Paul II
"#13 There are two stories combined in this ____________ story. The first story involves the building of a tower, probably a Mesopotamian-type temp known as a __________. The second story involves God’s commandment to _____________ and populate the worl
"Genesis, ziggurat, disperse, diversity, goodness"
#14 Rahab would have little reason to be loyal to the inhabitants of Jericho because as a ________ she was likely ________ by men of the city and ________ by the women.
prostitute abused shunned
#1 The primeval history stories teach us about God and his will as follows:
• God’s will is to __________a people in his image — both _______ and_______
• God’s will is _______ , not _______. Violence is considered __________in these stories
create male female peace violence sinful humans lies deception care creation diversity community diversity treat or care created environments
Explain the role of the friars.
Individuals wanting to return to the foundation of the gospels reached out to the urban poor country people who moved to the city in hopes of a good life but it did not work out.
What were the Crusades? Why did they take place? Were they successful? What were the negative results and the one lasting effect of the Crusades?
military attempts to liberate Palestine from Muslim control. Control where Jesus lived and taught. Became an excuse for killing, awakened Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire.
What sparked the Renaissance? When and where did it begin?
The introduction of Arab learning and rediscover of classical Greeks and Roman learning. 15th and 16th century, Europe. Means: “rebirth. “
Why did tension develop between the bishop of ROme and the emperor of Constantinople?
because people in the eastern part of the Roman Empire saw the emperor as ruler and people in the Western part saw the pope as ruler.
#3 The Bible is made up of many _____________ forms. Some examples include:
• Songs& __________
• History and________
• Wise sayings & Prophecies
• Short ____________ and ____________
literary poetry los stories letters
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